China shoots down satellite


Five hundred miles above the earth, on February 3rd 2015, the MSP F-13 (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program launched starting in the 1995 to blanket the earth with what are called weather satellites), the Air Force Space Command has announced it had a “catastrophic event.” The catastrophic event the Air Force Space Command says was, “a sudden spike in temperature detected by the satellite” followed by “an unrecoverable loss of attitude control.” Translation for the government double-speak: the Chinese or somebody fired a laser weapon that destroyed a satellite of United States of America.

I will admit I cannot prove it but both the Russians and Chinese have been developing anti-satellite laser weapons. Moreover, they have been testing them and the last successful test was by the Chinese against a satellite of their own. They apparently decided it was too expensive so they tried disabling one of ours. They knew full well that Obama would never even acknowledge the loss of the satellite.

So today, there is no explanation anywhere except a partial listing in Wikepedia about the satellite. Most of the information I am reading is from a story that was published in Britain in The Telegraph. I have not found a single story in the United States print about the loss of a multimillion-dollar satellite, part of a system of satellites that gives us our weather reports and defensive information for the Air Force.

Each one of these satellites, by the way, covers the earth twice a day in a polar orbit.   That means they were spaced every 20 degrees around the circumference of the earth and they took images of the weather patterns and whatever else they saw happening. Now, over the center of China, there is a gap. Not all that important for the weather, I am sure we can guess what happens to the clouds in that gap. However, what is happening on the ground, we will not know for a while until we can put another satellite up.

The Air Force is tracking 43 pieces of debris scattering in space to see if any other satellites or the International Space Station might be endangered. But still not a peep from the United States. The sudden spike in temperature, of course, occurs when a laser hits the satellite. There are no explosives on the satellite. It does not just blow up by itself, something blew it up

It would seem that this would certainly be an act of war. But we have allowed other foreign attacks the Obama administration has all done nothing. The North Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians, virtually everybody is just ransacking every computer system in the U.S. that they can, including systems run by the Federal government. There is not a military secret, a defense contractor, a defense agency that hasn’t been hacked and most of whatever we have been trying to keep secret is gone.

How else did the Chinese build a copy of our top secret F-35. ( )


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