Free money

The IRS is now defending its decision to allow illegal aliens who are amnestied by the president to claim up to three years refunds on income, even if they never paid income taxes. An illegal can go back and say okay, I worked somewhere for the past three years. I want the earned income tax credit for those three years. I do not qualify to pay any taxes and I have not paid any taxes, but I want you to pay me. By any other term that is reparations for the oppression, you have caused me. The IRS lawyers have concluded that anyone getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds. That’s right were going to give 4,000,000 illegal immigrants not only a prosecutorial discretion to say no we cannot deport you, but here is a work permit and a Social Security card. Now you can get a driver’s license and do not forget to register to vote for the people who have given you all the stuff.

You can now get an earned income tax credit, even for years where the illegal cheated with regard to the taxes, worked off the books, were paid under the table, refused to file tax returns. It does not matter; you are going to get three years of earned income tax credit, which in some cases can be 5 or $6000 per year depending upon the number of children you decide to claim. The IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wrote in a letter to Senator Charles Grassley, Wednesday of last week. Grassley was protesting this. Koskinen said, “Section 32 of the Internal Revenue Code requires a Social Security number on the return, but a taxpayer claiming the earned income tax credit is not required to have an SSN before the close of the year for which the EITC is claimed. The tax code, in other words says Grassley is going to reward those who broke our immigration law.



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