Texans are terrorists


In Bryant, Texas on February 14, there was a meeting of what is called the Republic of Texas. It is a secession movement dedicated to restoring Texas as an independent constitutional Republic. They believe in seceding from United States of America and they were celebrating the birthday of one of their oldest members. They do have a small working government and allied they have Numbers and so forth that official currency in the Congress and courts in a kind of a shadow government.

Twenty officers, armed and armored, from the Bryan Police Department, the Brazzo’s County Sheriff’s office, the Kerr County Sheriff’s office, agents of the Texas district attorney, the Texas Rangers and the FBI burst into the meeting, fingerprinted and searched all 60 attendees, seized their cell phones and any recording equipment that they had there. They had a warrant and the warrant indicated that the raid was being carried out because of possible terrorist activities and a felony was being committed, and that the felony was a summons being issued by a court that is not recognized by the state of Texas.

It turns out that they did have a court summons from Susan Cammack who is a Kerr County homeowner to some judge and the “simulated court documents” were charged as being a violation of Texas law. It turns out that that sending that kind of a fake court document is a misdemeanor not a felony. Therefore, it is a misdemeanor offense, and 20 armed and armored agents show up like Waco thing. However, there was one of the so-called leaders of this group that in 1997 barricaded himself in a place in a weeklong standoff with 300 state troopers, so the Houston Chronicle brought that back up as if it had any bearing on this birthday party.

So here is my take. First of all, unless there’s some evidence that these folks are in a seriously engaged in trying to set up a separate system of courts, which they’re not, and seriously engaged in some kind of terrorism activities, which they’re not and no one alleges they are, then you don’t need this kind of Waco style raid. On the other hand, let me warn you about you know this, because I am not too happy about some people setting up a secessionist movement (there are several groups here is the one raided http://thetexasrepublic.com/ ).

I am not too happy about anybody setting up separate system of courts of any kind- the Constitutional system is fine. That is why I and others have been critical of sharia law and sharia courts in Dallas, Texas as well as throughout the country. Notice that these courts and these meetings of various Imams have had no raids on them. They actually have trials; they are actually deciding family matters directly, deciding divorces and all that other stuff in the sharia courts in Texas with no raids.

Now why isn’t the sharia court in violation of Texas law and a bunch of these old guys from out there in Bryan, TX playing games about seceding and creating the Republic of Texas. This is a clear and present danger to public order and the sharia laws are no. What do they have to do -behead somebody in the town square to get your attention?


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