This year’s GAO (General Accountability Office) report has hundreds of recommendations for cutting back on wasteful government spending. From Medicare and Medicaid mismanagement, to Transportation programs, to weapons systems acquisitions, the GAO has pointed out in 2014 alone; taxpayers alone have paid $125 billion dollars more than they should have. In 1964, the ENTIRE budget of the federal government was $100 billion dollars. Now we WASTE $125 billion. Over the last 5 years, the GAO said it had made 440 recommendations across 180 areas where federal agencies could cut back on fragmented, overlapping, duplicated spending programs, but as of November 2014 only 29% of those actions had been fully addressed.

Ryan Ellis, who is the Tax Policy Director for the American’s for Tax Reform has said that this $125 billion is very interesting. If it was actually cut, it would not cut any service, because the GAO is not talking about cutting services, these are recommendations on how to do the same service for less money. If the Congress actually cut the $125 billion dollars, that would provide enough money to kill the ‘death tax’, repeal the entire federal gas tax and the airline ticket tax, and end all federal excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco and federal taxes on phone and internet usage.

Look at the difference in the President’s proposed spending for 2014 vs. 2015



The first thing to notice is the use of different colors for the same categories and different locations on the chart.  Designed to confuse.  When I did programming for year by year budgeting for an oil company and an insurance company I programmed in for the same categories to have the same location and color from year to year.

Military spending decreased AGAIN, and Housing and Community increased. What is that? From the HUD mission statement”

“The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and help all Americans who need quality, affordable hous­ing. To achieve this mission, HUD supports home ownership, access to affordable housing free from discrimination, and community development. HUD’s work is critical to the Administration’s efforts to strengthen communities, bolster the economy, and improve the quality of life for the American people. The Budget provides $46.7 bil­lion for HUD programs to support these efforts, $1.2 billion above the 2014 enacted level. Funding is prioritized to protect vulnerable families and to revitalize neighborhoods with distressed HUD-assisted housing and concentrated poverty”.

**** More money into the already known slum areas and another attempt to get the poor to move out of the inner city slums and into homes (they probably can’t afford- sounds like a repeat of the housing bubble that started the recession we are still in, unless you believe the governments figures).



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