EPA Regs


Gina McCarthy is the administrator of the environmental protection agency. She is now locked in a race against time with just 22 months left in the Obama presidency to complete the climate change regulations to shackle American industry and business and power plants and everything else with all kinds of multibillion-dollar to comply with regulations to in the name of CO2 emissions. To get this done before she leaves, she has said to Congress that she is busier than she’s ever been, and she said that climate change is a top priority for the president for the next two years and the EPA is at the center of what the administration is trying to do. Mitch McConnell and others in running in 2014, promised that they would shut the EPA down or slow it down to prevent it from hobbling the economy of the United States from ever producing another job, which is basically what this is all about. Jeff Sessions in the hearing went head-to-head with the Gina McCarthy on this whole business of climate change, basically asking for the citations, asking for the facts that would support these draconian multibillion-dollar craziness that all CO2 emissions had to to be taken out of your smokestack by 2025.


Here is Jeff Sessions with Gina McCarthy condensed down because it goes on and on and on. However, you should get the idea of the kinds of questions he is asking and the non-answers she is giving.

Sessions: “You cited we’ve got a crisis and there are dangers out there. Let me ask you this, in an article by Longbar who testified before the budget committee on behalf of the Copenhagen Institute, he says, that we have had a fewer droughts in recent years. Do you dispute that?”

McCarthy: “ I don’t know in what context he is making statements like that but I certainly can tell you about the droughts that are happening today.”

Sessions: “No, No, No”

McCarthy: “I don’t know what you are referring to Senator, but I am happy to respond…”

Sessions: “Well you need to know because you are asking this economy to sustain tremendous cost, and you don’t know whether or not the soil worldwide is more moist or less moist or ….”

McCarthy: “I don’t know where you’re cost figures are coming from …”

Sessions: “According to IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). What about hurricanes? Have we had more or less hurricanes in the last decade.”

McCarthy: “There have been more frequent hurricanes and more intense in terms of landing, those hurricanes on land, I cannot answer that question, it is a very complicated issue.”

Sessions: “So let me ask you one more time, are you asserting, just give me this answer, if we take the average of the models predicting how fast the temperature would increase, is the temperature, in fact, increasing less than that or more than that.”

McCarthy: “I cannot answer that question specifically.”

Sessions: “Mr. Chairman, this is a stunning development, that the head of the EPA, who should know more than anybody else in the world, who is imposing hundreds of billions of dollars in cost because of climate and temperature increases doesn’t know if there projections have been right or wrong.”

She actually asserts there were more hurricanes this year hurricanes and the federal government, and the Obama administration weather people will tell you that we had remarkably few hurricanes as opposed to 10 years ago. In the last five years there has not been a hurricane that actually made landfall in the United States. The woman who is going to impose restrictions on industries (because she has the faith that it is happening) could not even explain whether the predictions are correct.


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