Obama and Keystone

Obama was at Benedict College in South Carolina, largely a black college; he talked about the Keystone pipeline and made it clear that his delay of making a decision for six years has been because he was going to say no anyway. He admitted he was trying to delay the date of saying no in the hope that the “foreign company” would go away. That “foreign company” is partially owned by American companies (ConocoPhillips being the largest) but beyond that point, Obama knows nothing about the private, sector. Here is the president speaking on the Keystone pipeline, “We’re not going to authorize a pipeline that benefits largely a foreign company, if it can’t be shown that it is safe and if it can’t be shown overall that it would not contribute to climate change.”

Now the State Department has already weighed in with two environmental impact statements, from the federal law required when decision-making of this kind is done, and on both counts safety and climate change (CO2 emissions), the pipeline is better than the railroad cars. And we don’t have to worry about what has been happening recently. We have had three trains crash during the last a month or so. The latest one is near Galena, Illinois, and a 1 mile radius around the site of a train derailment was evacuated with cars burning all week long. Smoke could be seen burning for miles, the of course was a Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway train owned by Warren Buffett. Best friend of Obama. That is how the oil is getting into the United States now. It seems better, safety wise, to put in a pipe that has all kinds of safeguards built into it that the 10,000 miles plus of pipes laid back in the140’s to 1970’s didn’t have. There are a number of pipelines already built coming in from Canada to the United States which carry Canadian oil.

Finishing the Keystone XL pipeline would allow us to not take Venezuelan oil. We can take more Canadian oil with it, but aside from the issue of dependence on the right kind of foreign oil, it far safer than in the railroad cars which is the alternative to the pipeline. The climate change thing is the same thing, when you are taking oil out of the ground and then you put it in the oil tanker some of the petroleum vapors escape in the form CO2 into the atmosphere. When you take it out of the oil tanker, down in the United States at the Houston refineries there is going to be some spillage, and some venting of CO2. None of which happens with the pipeline.

So the president continues to say we are not going to support foreign companies. It’s a Canadian company, first of all partially owned by American companies, doing business in the United States with all kinds of American companies, and willing to invest in the United States billions of dollars to do more business. Billions of dollars that we taxpayers do not have to come up with, in an infrastructure project you been touting since you got in office. A project, that by your own state Department, is going to generate 42,000 construction jobs and 6 unions are supporting it for that very reason. It is a middle-class job creating infrastructure project precisely as you have defined what we ought to be doing in this country except for one detail. It is not government money, it is private money.

The reason that he is not supporting this pipeline is all politics and nonsense. (pointed out in https://larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/why-obama-wont-ok-keystone/ ) And you’re the President of the United States determining that we should be dependent on Venezuelan oil coming into Port Arthur and Houston refineries by ship, rather than Canadian oil coming down the pipeline through Illinois refineries and in Cushing, Oklahoma and other Port Arthur refineries, so that we can have a safe and reliable and dependable source of oil from a reasonably civilized country.


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