Today, I have decided to take a break and just bash Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton simply because it is so easy to do lately. And to think that she is the heir apparent for the Democratic nomination to be crowned as President of the United States in 2016. So the following articles have been written about her and various things related to her.


The President of the United States, through his spokesperson Josh Ernest, said today that he did correspond with the Secretary of State, presumably about government matters, using her private e-mail account on a private server in her private home. Two things wrong with that apparently:

1) federal law requires that for government purposes, you use the. gov secure e-mail system that the State Department requires every other employee of the State Department to use. By the way, a circular noting the law and requiring every State Department employee to use the government e-mail signed by Hillary Clinton had been sent to every employee. They fired the Ambassador to Kenya who would not use the government .gov e-mail while Clinton was the Secretary of State, while she was using her private e-mail. Hypocrisy maybe?

2) It is not secure and who knows who’s paying for her private server. Did the government by all of this stuff; if it did there should be a purchase order, some kind of a paper trail as to who paid for this. If Clinton paid for the server, the T-1 line to her house privately, how could she legally be doing Secretary of State business on it.

3) The big one. The law is that all these e-mails are public record and you are not allowed to control public records. In other words, all of the e-mail used in an account that is used for government purposes has to be public record. You cannot just have your staff select 55,000 pages over a number of years and send that off to answer a subpoena and say, “Okay that’s enough.” Tray Gowdy looks at it and see’s that there are months and months of no e-mails, including the day on which Clinton is in a Senate hearing with her sunglasses on doing an e-mail on her Blackberry. There is no record of any e-mails for that day in the 55,000 pages she submitted.

The lapdog press says, “Why does Hillary have to explain her e-mail setup? Why are we entitled to see her e-mail? Privacy isn’t real anymore.” This of course is not the issue. If it were a personal e-mail account for her personal business only, it would not be an issue at all. The issue, of course, is that she used it for Secretary of State business, as Barack Obama has now admitted, because he got an e-mail from her about State Department business.

Obama still claims according to his press secretary, “The President was not aware of the fact that this was a personal e-mail server and that this was the e-mail address which is using exclusively for all of her business”. He wasn’t aware that he had an e-mail from the Secretary of State that the e-mail address was HDR22@clintonmail.com, would you think of the government e-mail?

This is the greatest of whopper. He has actually used this line according to one blog a total of seven times.  He was asked, “When did you first learn that Hillary Clinton was using an e-mail system outside the US government, for official business while she was Secretary of State.” He answered, “The same time as you.” He was then asked, “Where you disappointed?” To which he answered, “Hillary Clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. She was a great Secretary of State for me and the policy of this administration is to encourage transparency.”

A polite way of saying, in other words I am not touching this one. We want transparency, of course, but that is not what we were getting from that Secretary of State, but she is a wonderful public servant. Does nobody ever brief the president about anything, does he never notice where his e-mail is coming from. He should have known instantly that it was not a government secured server just by the address of the sender.

Is the President really that detached from what goes on in the United States or is he just plain dumb. He is supposed to be a savvy tech guy, and he gets an e-mail from the Secretary of State with potentially classified or least internal workings of the State Department policy in it. I’ll bet the Russians were reading the mail contemporaneously with the mail as soon as Obama read it. The Russians have an NSA department also and monitor e-mail traffic across the world.

We see all the liberals and the lapdog press saying Jeb Bush did the same thing when he was the governor of Florida, using private e-mail account and he did public business on a private e-mail account. Yes he did. There is no law that says you cannot do that in Florida. That is the difference. When this came up some months ago, Jeb Bush disclosed every single e-mail, every single public record and Hillary Clinton staff has admitted they haven’t even done that yet.

This should disqualify Hillary Clinton from even being considered as president, which several generations ago it would have, but today in our public education system, it is just passed over.



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