Equal pay for unequal work

Last week we had the salaries on the top eight executives at the Clinton foundation. You have to get down to the ninth highest-paid member of the staff before finding a female name. Now this is based on the 2013 tax filings. Key women at the Clinton foundation earned $.63 for every dollar the men made. Now Friday, the Clinton foundation did respond to the Washington Examiner asking about this, and made the assertion, that women in leadership at their foundation are actually paid more than men. According to the Examiner, the foundation assured the Examiner that women in senior leadership roles specifically, are on average paid more than their male colleagues and the non-leadership female employees are compensated on average at the same rate as male employees. The foundation did not provide any documentation to the Examiner and the Examiner notes, there is no place on the foundation’s website, or the tax filings to confirm the assertions.   The foundation would not respond to requests for further compensation documentation and told the Examiner, counting unpaid positions, there are more women than men holding leadership positions. They counted the unpaid Board of Directors as part of the ‘leadership positions’.  Unpaid means that they didn’t get paid so how to you compare to the men who were being paid in the top eight staff members. who are being paid range from 430,000 hundred and 12,000 was not generalizing of the numbers.

They also made an announcement, pending the board approval (which means it will happen) Donna Shalala, Bill Clinton’s former Health and Human Services Secretary, will be taking over as head of the organization, replacing Eric Braverman, who resigned in January. So, here is the first woman in the top eight, Donna Shalala, so they’re obviously sensitive to the criticism of the first woman candidate for president( who’s going to win according to find Feinstein) is running with the support of a foundation which shakes down foreign governments while she is Secretary of State for millions of dollars. In addition, while she is running for pay equality, pays women $.63 on the dollar.


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