Hilarious Diane Rodham-Clinton

What more can be said! I feel like be a little snarky. When only 15% of the money donated to the Clinton Familia Foundation goes to the charities, it is right to question why. 25% goes to salaries, travel expenses and 60% is listed under Other. What is Other? One would think that Hilarious would see the writing on the wall and call it quits, unless of course she wants to make sure that she brings Bill (“Can’t keep it in, gotta let it out”) Clinton down with her. I mean come on, who doesn’t know that each smart phone can download email from multiple email addresses. So when Chelsea (The lips) Clinton wanted to call to discuss her latest tryst, her phone could have a special ringtone for her, and another for the Saudi princes, and of course the Cat Stevens song “Can’t keep it in” for Mr. Bill.

Every liberal wants her out of the coronation ball and to put Elizabeth (Hey, I’m and Indian) Warren in as the first woman (whoops sexist), female (whoops sexist again), other gender president. And being 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/8 of 1/8 Cherokee should has two advantages, being the other gender and partially a minority. Of course of you go back and look at some of the early pictures of Hilarious in Arkansas and early pictures of Chelsea and the kinky curly hair, there might be some kind of hyphenated –American past in her history.  There was a reason Bill (“Can’t keep it in, gotta let it out”) Clinton  was called the first black president, wasn’t there?


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