Hilarious (I stood by my man) Diane Rodman-Clinton


You have seen bipartisan calls for criminal justice reform with more drug treatment programs and work opportunities for the disadvantaged. That approach has not worked for the past 30 -40 years that our major cities have been in control of Democratic politicians. These cities, like Chicago, LA, Baltimore, Detroit have received billions of dollars that have not gone to the rural areas of America and the same problem of drugs, gangs and no jobs continues. .

Hilarious Clinton has called for the end of the era of mass incarceration. The only mass incarceration I am aware of was in Germany during WWII. Here in America, everybody caught by the police (those bullies) generally one by one but sometimes in a group get a trial with a jury by their peers individually. Unless they plea-bargain for a lower sentence because they were guilty of doing something wrong within our system of jurisprudence. So if THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG, they would not have been arrested. I am sorry but nobody has proved that the police just arrest people for no particular reason. They suspect something is wrong, arrest you and then you either are found innocent and go back out on the streets or you are found guilty and go to jail.

So before, Hilarious gets on her bandwagon to spew out the liberal mantra that the white privileged our keeping our poor black brothers down, she needs to get realistic. Yes, there are more blacks in jails than whites. There are more Mexicans in jails than whites also. Why? More crime committed by blacks and Mexicans than whites might be where to start. “Hurricane” is a protest song by Bob Dylan, about the imprisonment of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. It compiles alleged acts of racism and profiling against Carter written in 1970. Now there might be some economic reasons for this difference, but giving more money to Democrats has proven to be useless in changing the problem. Whatever it is they spend it on, it certainly has not helped increase jobs or lower the crime rate.

Let us get realistic for a bit. Even if there were jobs available, you probably will not be hired as a cashier if you have a record for committing larceny and theft, you probably will not pass the drug test if you are a user or seller, so why would you EXPECT to be given a job. There are hundreds of thousands of blacks and Mexicans who have become successful, own companies, work in top positions in major corporations or have political jobs in either the public or private sector, and have grown up in the same ghettos that these people are creating. Some of these are even conservatives- even though the liberal left call them “Uncle Tom” if your black or “Tío Tom” if you are Mexican, I guess. Claiming they are are traitors to their race if you are conservative.

It is the liberals, who spend money ON a problem instead of spending money TO SOLVE the problem. And Hilarious is trying to be the leader of the pack, but Bernie (the Socialist) Sanders and Elizabeth (I’m part Indian) Warren are out to try to take us further away from the constitution than Hilarious dreams about.


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