Weaker in Review 1

Since I’ve been studying Economics, and Constitutional Law, I’ve been unable to do the research for my other blog www.larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com that I want to. So I’ve decided to do a “week in review” article, except that has all ready been copyrighted. And it didn’t really fit into what I wanted to portray, so the concept of “Weaker in Review” does, since I firmly believe as long as the illiberals are in charge this country is getting weaker and weaker and we will soon be a third world country.

1)  California just voted to allow ALL illegal aliens (illegal immigrants, ‘dreamers’, and whatever else they have been called) access to the ACA (unAffordable Careless Act, aka Obamacare). Now remember, this was a direct promise from Barrack Hussein Obama that this would not be allowed. “Unauthorized immigrants will not be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP coverage or for exchange subsidies under the ACA and will not be permitted to purchase unsubsidized coverage through the exchange. They are not subject to the mandate and are excluded from temporary high-risk pools but will remain eligible for emergency care under Medicaid” http://aspe.hhs.gov/hsp/11/ImmigrantAccess/Coverage/ib.shtml#unauthorized Another blatant lie to us the American populace.

2) Speaking of the ACA (unAffordable Careless Act, aka Obamacare). With major insurance companies proposing premium hikes — some by nearly a third — next year, the White House nevertheless said its “mantra” has been to slow the rate of health cost increases.“What we saw prior to the Affordable Care Act going into effect is that insurance companies would regularly impose double-digit rate increases with impunity,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday. “They would do it in secret or you would get a bill in the mail knowing this is what you would be subjected to. But now insurance companies have to publicly put people on notice that they are preparing a double-digit increase, see that those rate increases are reviewed by state regulators.” Two lies here- first the ACA would LOWER health costs and second, the insurance companies were required by law to notify premium holders 90 days in advance of any change in premium and it always had to be reviewed in advance by each states insurance regulators.


But remember, the average family income has decreased to lowest level since 1995. And we still haven’t really counted how bad the Barrack Hussein Obama’s minions claim the 1.5% inflation rate really is.


3)  Obama is taking the entire American economy and all of us down with him. The plan is simple: To destroy capitalism and “American exceptionalism” you overwhelm the system with spending, entitlements, regulations and debt. The economy comes to halt, full-time jobs are killed, businesses fail in record numbers, the middle class is financially murdered, the debt implodes and the economy is overwhelmed. Here are the facts.The first quarter GDP – which is the measurement of our economy – was just revised on Friday to negative 0.07%. This number is a disaster. But this isn’t some aberration or outlier. This is the entire Obama presidency. Obama’s seven first quarters as president are at a combined average of NEGATIVE 0.43%. Obama is the only president in the history of America’s recorded economic measurement to accomplish this. Let me repeat: This is the worst seven-year record in the history of America’s recorded GDP. The average first quarter GDP since measurements began in 1947 was 4%. Here are the numbers for each president in the past half century:

  • Under Harry Truman: 4.5%.
  • Under Dwight Eisenhower: 3.2%.
  • Under John F. Kennedy: 4.9%.
  • Under Lyndon B. Johnson: 8.3%.
  • Under Richard Nixon: 5.3%.
  • Under Gerald Ford: 2.3%.
  • Under Jimmy Carter: 2.4%.
  • Under Ronald Reagan: 2.1% (and that was because Reagan inherited disaster from Carter).
  • Under George H.W. Bush: 2.9%.
  • Under Bill Clinton: 2.6%.
  • Under George W. Bush: 1.7%.

3)  In a blistering speech given to the Washington, D.C.-based Electronic Privacy Information Center on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that many successful Silicon Valley companies have “built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information.” “They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong,” he said. “And it’s not the kind of company that Apple wants to be. So we don’t want your data.” Even leaders of corporations have learned the Obama lie: Apple Inc has given $2,289,030 in campaign contributions from 1989 to 2014. Apple has virtually NO security on any of it’s products; this company allowed personal information and photos to be hacked from their fabled i-cloud and published all over the internet; their OS is so dated and full of holes that anyone can shut down an apple system just by sending a text with foreign characters in it; this company has produced phones that are the target of hackers everywhere and this company supplied the NSA with i-phone users finger prints and personal information through an apparent ‘back door’ they designed into it.

4) FIFA The Justice Department’s announcement primarily cites deals between FIFA, sports marketing groups, and broadcast corporations for the television rights to air the World Cup and other international soccer tournaments. Dating back to 1991, the indictment alleges, those involved conspired to receive bribes from marketing firms in exchange for exclusive television contracts—to the cumulative tune of more than $150 million. As Attorney General Loretta Lynch stated, “It spans at least two generations of soccer officials who, as alleged, have abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks.” None of which went through American banks. FIFA is uniquely positioned for this kind of epic legal takedown because the Justice Department kind of gets off on this heavy-lifting display of authority even outside American borders over the past decade. Also, it helps that Americans don’t really care about soccer. But we do care about ‘black lives matter’ unless they are killed by other blacks.



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