An altered state of mind

I have been asked, in my opiate relived state of pained mind to describe what it is like to walk with a left heel spur, left big toe ingrown, and broken right big toe. Therefore, I will try. I have ½”tape running from my left little toe around my heel to the left big toe. Then I have 4 inch wide tape in 6 segments going from the one side of the foot to the other attaching to the ½ wide tape sections. This is the pull the plantar fascia up tight. I had two shots of cortisone into the heel spur, nether one did anything to lessen the pain. I broke the second metatarsal on the right foot ant an angle. The doctor shot it full of Novocain and asked if I was watching. I said no and he yanked it back into proper place. So now I wear a giant foot paddle on the right side which gives some comfort  I find I stand on my right heel with my right toe somewhat in the air. I also stand with my left toes on the ground and my right heel in the air. A little bit awkward to walk for sure, especially when we have a cobblestone walkways around the house with grass growing unevenly between the stones. The doctor decided that the 3 Tylenol, two Motrin, and two Aleve three times a day wasn’t helping with the pain so he kindly prescribed an opiate derivative for me. How very, very kind of him. Trying to walk is a little like swaying across the see why looking up at the wispy paisley skies. The only thing I can equate it to is the old song by Tiny Tim.


Tiptoeing through the Tulips. on Rowan and Martins” Laugh In”


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