Weaker in Review

Random Oddservations™ Has it ever occurred to the evillutionists or believers in Natural Selection that during the past thousand years or so of us trimming the ears to make them stand up and bobbing the tails of Doberman pinchers that they should have started to be born that way by now?

Doberman_Pinscher dobermanearsandtail


Weaker in Review

Oregon’s Portland Community College will launch its own Whiteness History Month in April. According to their statement, the project, “unlike heritage months, is not a celebratory endeavor,” but rather, “an effort to change our campus climate.”

Topics to be addressed during the month include:

  • What is whiteness and how is it socially constructed?
  • In what ways has whiteness been institutionalized, imposed and internalized?
  • In what ways does whiteness emerge from a legacy of imperialism, conquest, colonialism and the American enterprise?

The stated aim is to promote change in a modern cultural climate ridden with racism and divisiveness and to discuss possible solutions to “community issues and social problems that stem from racism.”




A farmer who was fined $13,000 by New York State’s Division of Human Rights for refusing to host a gay wedding on her property believes that the government’s handling of the situation “is frightening” and should scare every American.

Cynthia Gifford, who owns Liberty Ridge Farm, a farm and special events venue in Schaghticoke, New York, along with her husband, Robert, stated on Friday that she is a Christian who simply wishes to live by biblical values.

“A government that tells you what you can’t say is bad enough. A government that tells you what you must say and punishes you if you don’t is frightening,” she said. “This kind of power should scare all of us no matter where we stand on the issue.”

“We welcome all people to the farm and gladly respect and serve all for a variety of events, but because wedding ceremonies are inherently religious, a sacred event, Robert, my husband, and I, as Christians, cannot coordinate the same-sex wedding ceremony,” she said. “This would violate our faith and conscience.”

McCarthy and Erwin, angry over the rejection, had taken their grievances — and audio from their conversation with the farm owners that was reportedly secretly recorded — to New York’s Division of Human Rights, claiming that they were discriminated against as a result of their sexual orientation.



Describing iLiberals by the D’s:

Liberals cherish these following five words and use them when they cannot think of anything else to say or just want their “zombies” to repeat after them. Bigot, sexist, racist and homophobe appear to be their preference, along with “intolerant (blank)”, gaining increased usage with the gay marriage ruling by the Supreme Court. So I thought and thought and researched and read goodness knows how many political and “politically correct” books during my downtime from my operation. I wanted to find a way for myself and my friends to describe the iLiberals.

First word is DECEIVE a verb: To make (someone) believe something that is not true: to cause to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid.

Here in America mainly and almost as bad worldwide we live in a culture full of lies. Whether it is climate change, abortion, the gay agenda, the Obama regime, Benghazi, IRS, etc., conservatives in America hate to be lied to. It just is not right. Whether it is an outright lie, or leaving out relevant information about an event or subject, America is being given information from a liberal leaning lens (how’s that for Alliteration). Whether it be the media through TV,( with the general exception of Fox News), the Internet, Hollywood, blogs( with a few notable exceptions), liberals seem to own the culture and therefore the narrative. It is insidious. The average American who just lives their lives and raises their children, goes to work, vacations on occasion, and plans for their future has no idea how liberals in America manipulate the information they receive. It appears to be outright fabrications and/ or lies, or just by leaving out or adding to information which benefits the liberal agenda.


Rock-It™ Listening to the entire Who collection from the start. What amazing musicians they are. Keith Moon was the greatest influence in rock drumming ever.


The Correct Side of the Story

I am back did you miss me? No, oh well! Here I thought I was publishing some worthwhile stuff. I have been busy, enjoying my life, doing some new and different things, losing more weight and doing a lot of research on several different subject matters, which will be discussed forth coming.

  • Including how the ‘geologic column’ supports a Young Age Earth (YAE) as opposed to an Old Age Earth (OAE),
  • A critique of the concept of a “Universal Consciousness”. I spent two weeks seeking my ID (Inner Dialogue) and then another week interviewing others who supposedly have, and then writing comparisons and miscellaneous comments. However, I believe that due to the physical problems I was experiencing, I may not have been able to give it an unfettered attempt. So I’ll recuperate fully and try again before I finish my report.
  • How contemporary evolutionary micro-biologists are beginning to believe that Darwin’s Natural Selection could not have happened even given twice the amount of time currently believed since the start of time.
  • A description of Biblical genealogies and time from creation to now will be discussed-if anyone says they know the exact number of years since Creation, walk away- the only thing we can get truthfully is a minimum and maximum possible age.

You can see how all three of these topics interrelate to each other and I am constantly having to work out problems. For instance this statement: ”Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe (the only matter known to exist for sure, the more abundant dark matter is hypothetical and may or may not be explained by ordinary matter).” Get the contradiction- the only matter known to exist for sure is still hypothetical- it cannot be proved except by manipulating various theorems. The challenge then is in understanding facts from factual fiction.

I am trying to write these articles at two levels so the average person can understand, and if any one questions something, they can read the notes for a greater understanding.

I have also spent some time learning a new program Microsoft © OneNote®. I have had it for several years and never used it or toyed with it. I believe it will assist me in arranging my research for various projects and to enable me to cross-reference items faster and easier. It is an important program and there are many videos on-line to assist you in using it for a wide array of concepts or ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoSHcScJfBQ is a good start. Try it, you just might like it.

And then we have been delayed for another three weeks as I suffered from severe gastric distress and had to have my gall bladder removed. But all is getting better.


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