“Gay rights” wins by apparent fraud


The government agency responsible for enforcing Oregon’s anti-discrimination law appears to be working closely with a powerful gay rights advocacy group in its case against Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries commissioner, who is in charge of determining the Kleins’ final punishment, met with Basic Rights Oregon on multiple occasions and purchased tickets costing hundreds of dollars benefiting the advocacy group. (Sounds like a conflict of interest to me)

Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer (who have since married) filed a complaint against Sweet Cakes by Melissa in February 2013, a month after the Kleins refused to make a cake for the couple’s same-sex wedding.

At the time, same-sex marriage was not legal in Oregon, and Basic Rights Oregon was in the process of gathering signatures to bring the measure to the ballot in the upcoming 2014 election.  (How can they be punished for a law that did not exist at the time.)



4 thoughts on ““Gay rights” wins by apparent fraud

  1. Some days I think that we should remind homosexuals that they were called faggots because we burned them at the stake. A few crispy queers would put thing in perspective.

    Other days I just shrug because I can understand how the queers feel. It’s not like ANYONE is advocating for me and my two “wives” to be allowed to actually legally all be married to each other – and yes, they’re bi.

      1. That these queers are out of control but, to some limited extent, I can understand their frustration and rationale for abusing for normal people, and that I too have to accept that I’m biased against them because they threw my kind and my women’s kind under the bus to get what they wanted.

  2. I agree that the rights of normal male-female relationships have been damaged by the liberal legislating Supreme Court. It could have all been avoided by Bill (can’t keep it in, gotta let it out) Clinton when he signed DOMA. The Dems cut a provision that would have allowed civil unions to have the same rights to inheritance and other advantages that married couples had. Would have prevented the entire redefinition of marriage because most of the gays were stating they just wanted equal rights. Instead Clinton let it smolder until it became a so-called “equal rights” campaign.

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