Debunking ilLiberal Intellectual Dishonesty

When I get more than one copy of a meme posted on my Facebook page from various ‘Friends’ and I disagree with I would be remiss if I did not provide an alternate opinion. Most of these comments come from individuals who can be considered “left of center” versus conservative values.

Intellectually, I do not understand liberalism. I believe that there is no way anybody can, because it is not an application of sagacious cogitation. Liberalism is not about thinking. Liberalism is totally about feeling. Ironically, that is one of the reasons why it continues to seduce people. Human emotions leave a much deeper impression, than the words that people hear.

How do you talk people out of their emotions? How do you talk people out of the fact that something or somebody makes them feel good? Do you want to be the one to change their mind and make them feel bad about something? You can provide volumes of words replete with intellectual logic and brilliant analogies all day long, but it will not matter. The people feel that their emotions make all the sense that they need to understand the complex world they are living in.

This meme was the first one that I have reservations about:


This statement is rather egotistical in my opinion. Unless an individual (the ‘People’ above) is a ‘skin-head’ or a New Black Panther, I do not think they will automatically hate you. Even if you are a member of those two groups, it is probably a learned behavior- it is not innate in human psychology or philosophy for a person to automatically dislike a newly met individual. Almost anybody of faith (both traditional and non-traditional) has a basic tenet of their belief is to accept others as you would want to be accepted. Nobody of any faith would automatically HATE someone upon sight.

So if a person ‘loves’ or ‘hates’ a person, it basically has to do with the personal interaction that you have had with that individual. You have not said/said or not done/done something to that individual to invoke that sort of feeling. See, everything comes back to a feeling whether grounded in truth and facts or contained entirely within the psyche of the individual it is a feeling.


This is the height of narcissism in this meme. Basically it is saying that “I” am better for myself than anybody else in the world. Nobody can do for me what I can do for me. Only “I” can make “me” feel good. There is that word again.

The problem with this attitude is it gradually leads from “I” am the best for me to “I” am the best that I can be to “I” am better than others are. All of this is occurring within themselves with no input from others who might be able to more appropriately direct the individuals drive, needs and wants. “I” can exist –happily- alone. Reminds me of Joan Armatrading and her song ‘Me, Myself and I”

I cannot help but wonder if the person is really happy, contented, satiated, sexually satisfied, etc. due his own efforts or does that person need to use and abuse others in taking care of their needs and their feelings. That word again.

After some extensive investigation as to where these memes came from, I discovered they were from Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. Ms Nardini is a very popular yoga and gives training classes around the world. She is the perfect example of the American dream- having had medical difficulties when young and decided to use yoga to get healthy and is now teaching how she made such a recovery.   She also makes more in a year than most of us do in our lifetime. Therefore, it is somewhat surprising that so many individuals tout her sayings that would normally rail against someone of wealth. Then again, all her teachings and workshops (that you pay for) are to make you feel good.


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