Weaker in Review 2-28-16


Random Oddservations™   One ends up with a headache trying to figure out either the Democrats or Republicans methods of allotting delegates to their respective conventions. No matter what the turnout of actual voters are, it appears that each state has some kind of ruling to grant delegates to whom the politically powerful want to be nominated. A candidate can receive a plurality of votes but get virtually no delegates. One more reason for a national primary.   https://voteincumbentsout.wordpress.com/

Weaker in Review

Describing ilLiberals by the D’s:

We have pointed out the tactics of DECEIVE, DECEIT, DISTORT, DESTROY. Now we deal with DECLINE.


DECLINE Verb To become worse in condition or quality: to tend towards an inferior state or weaker condition.

So when did the decline of American begin? Some will say during WW2 with Franklin D. Roosevelt. Some say when the progressive era started with Woodrow Wilson. I liken it, in retrospect, with the 1960’ s. In my opinion, it came from the corner of Haight/ Ashbury in San Francisco, to Vietnam, to drug use, to casual sex.   Morality broke down and we are seeing the effects of it some 50 years later. The children of the 60’ s raised children in the 80’ s. Kind of like the Moody Blues ‘To My Children’s Children Children.’ The 60’ s children ended up teaching in our public education and got involved in government. Then their children had children and this is what we see is wrong with America today. Our young adults don’t remember communism with 100 million dead and tough economic times. We have become overly complacent, not believing anything terrible or horrible could happen here in America. It has, will and can.

Rock-It™ just listening to a collage of music.

The Correct Side of the Story



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