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R Rock
G Gospel and Holiday
C Country
E Electronic
P Pop
N New age
L Light Rock
M Metal
F Folk Rock
H Hispanic
Type Artist Name YR Type
C Al Stewart Time Passages 1978 L
C Alan Jackson Who I Am 1994 C
T Alice Cooper Schools Out 1972 R
C Amy Grant House of Love 1994 G
C Amy Grant Heart In Motion 1991 G
C Amy Grant Behind The Eyes 1997 G
T Amy Grant Age to Age 1982 G
T Ana Gabriel Siluta 1992 H
T Basia Time and Tide 1987 N
T Basia London Warsaw New York 1989 N
T Basia Brave New Hope 1990 L
T Bebe & Cece Winans Different Lifestyle 1991 G
C Betty Handful 1971 R
C Billy Joel River of Dreams 1993 L
T Billy Joel Royal The Royal Treatment 1987 C
T Bruce Hornsby and the Range The Way It Is 1986 L
T Bruce Springsteen Greetings From Asbury Park 1973 R
T Bruce Springsteen The Wild the innocent and the E Street 1973 R
T Bruce Springsteen Born to Run 1975 R
C Camel Mirage 1989 R
C Camel The Flight of the Snow Goose 1975 R
C Canned Heat The Best of 1987 R
T Carly Simon Greatest Hits Live 1987 L
C Carmen The Absolute Best 1993 G
C Carmen Mission3:16 1998 G
T Carole King Tapestry F
C Cat Stevens Catch Bull At Four 1972 L
T Cat Stevens Greatest Hits 1974 L
C Celine Dion Unison 1990 L
T Celine Dion Celine Dion 1990 R
T Charlie Daniels The Door 1994 G
C Chicago Chicago ll 1971 R
C Chris De Burgh Flying Colours 1988 L
C Chris De Burgh Into The Light 1986 L
T Chris De Burgh Into The Light 1986 R
T Chris De Burgh Crusader 1979 L
T Chris De Burgh The GetAway 1982 L
T Chris De Burgh Man On the Line 1984 L
T Christopher Cross Christopher Cross 1979 P
C Cream The Best of 1983 R
C Creedence Clearwater Revival The Best of 1976 R
C Eric C;apton From The Cradle 1994 R
C Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 1988 R
C Foreigner The Very Best of 1989 R
C Frank Zappa Cheap Thrills 1998 R
T Frank Zappa Strangely Commercial 1995 R
T Frank Zappa Overnight Sensation 1973 R
T Garth Brooks Ropin’ the Wind 1991 C
T Garth Brooks No Fences 1980 C
C Genesis Seling England By the Pound 1973 R
C Gentle Giant Three Friends 1972 L
T George Michael Faith 1987 P
C George Strait Chill of an Early Fall 1991 C
T George Strait #7 1985 C
T George Strait Pure Country 1992 C
T George Strait Greatest Hits Vol 2 1987 C
T George Strait If you Ain’t Lovin’ You Ain’t Livin’ 1988 C
C Glen Campbell Favorite Hymns 1989 G
C Glen Campbell Wings of Victory 1992 G
C Glen Campbell Show Me Your Way 1991 G
C Gloria Estefan Mi terra 1993 H
C Gloria Estefan Exitos De 1990 h
C Gong Shamal 1975 E
C Grateful Dead Terrapin Station 1977 R
T Grateful Dead Without a Net First Set 1990 R
T Grateful Dead Without a Net Second Set 1990 R
C Harry Chapin Dance Band on the Titanic 1977 L
T Harry Chapin On The Road to Kingdom Come 1976 R
T Harry Chapin Sniper and other Love Stories 1972 R
T Harry Chapin Anthoogy 1985 R
C Hootie and the Blowfish `Cracked Rear View L
T Huey Luis and the News Huey Luis and the News 1980 R
T Inxs the Swing 1984 R
C Iron Butterfly In-a-Gadda-Da-Vidda 1968 M
C It’s a Beautiful Day It’s a Beautiful Day L
C It’s a Beautiful Day Marrying Maidens L
C Jaci Velasquez Jaci Velasquez 1998 h
C Jackson Brown Running n Empty 1977 R
C Jackson Brown The Pretender 1977 L
T Jackson Brown World In MotIon 1989 L
T Jackson Brown The Pretender 1976 L
C Janis Joplin Big Brother and the Holding Company 1999 R
C Janis Joplin Greatest Hits 1973 R
C Jean-Luc Ponty No Absolute Time 1993 N
T Jean-Luc Ponty Imaginary Voyage 1976 N
T Jean-Luc Ponty Cosmic Messanger 1978 N
T jethro Tull Thick as a Brick 1972 R
C Jimmy Buffet Best of 1979 P
C Joan Armatrading What’s Inside 1995 L
C Joan Armatrading Back to the Light 1975 L
T Joan Armatrading The Shouting Stage 1988 L
T Joan Armatrading Track Record 1981 L
T Joan Armatrading Hearts and Flowers 1990 L
T Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading 1996 L
T Joe Satriani Not of This Earth 1988 R
C John Hiatt Walk On 1995 R
T John Hiatt Stolen Moments 1990 R
C John Tesh Monterey Nights 1993 P
C John Tesh Live at Red Rocks 1996 P
T Joni Mitchell Court and Spark 1973 L
T Joni Mitchell Blue L
T Joni Mitchell Chalk Mark In a Rain Storm 1988 F
C Judy Collins Fires of Eden 1990 L
C Julio Iglesias un hombre solos 1987 G
C Julio Iglesias Calor 1992 G
C Kathy Mattea Walking Away A Winner 1994 G
C Kathy Triccoli Sounds of Heaven 1995 G
T Led Zepplin Led Zepplin 1971 M
C Linda Ronstadt Hasten Down the Wind 1976 l
C Luther Vandros The Best of Love 1989 P
T Manheim Steamroller Christmas 1984 G
C Maria Carey Music Box 1993 P
C Meat Loaf Bat out of Hell II 1993 R
C Meat Loaf Welcome to the Neighborhood 1995 R
T Meat Loaf Dead Ringer 1981 R
T Meat Loaf Bat out of Hell 1977 R
C Melissa Etheridge Me 1992 R
T Melissa Etheridge Me 1992 R
T Melissa Etheridge Brave and Crazy 1980 R
T Miami Sound Machine Eyes of Innocence 1984 P
T Miami Sound Machine Cuts Both Ways 1989 P
T Michael W. Smith Chage Your World 1992 G
T Mylon and Broken Heart Greatest Hits 1988 G
T Orchestral Manoeuvres The Best of 1988 E
C Patty Smith Patty Smith 1992 L
C Petra Unseen Power 1991 G
T Petra Unseen Power 1991 G
T Petra This Means War 1987 G
T Phoebe Snow The Best of 1981 P
C Pink Floyd Medde 1992 E
C Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother E
T Pink Floyd Medde E
T Randy Travis Storms of Life 1986 C
T Randy Travis Always and Forever 1987 C
C Renaissance The Other Woman 1995 F
C Renaissance Illusion 1971 F
C Renaissance Scherazade and other Stories 1975 F
T Renaissance Novella 1977 F
C Ricky Van Shelton Backroads C
T Ricky Van Shelton Don’t Overlook Salvation 1992 G
T Russ Taff The Way Home 1989 G
C Sandi Patty O Holy Night 1995 G
C Santana Santana Brothers 1994 R
C Santana Milagro 1992 R
T Santana Greatest Hits 1974 R
C Selena Dreaming of You 1995 H
C Selena Ven Conmigo 1990 H
C Selena Amor Prohibiso 1994 H
T Simon and Garfunkel Greatest Hits 1972 P
T Steely Dan Pretzel Logic 1974 R
T Steely Dan Aja 1997 L
T Steve Green The Mission 1989 G
C Steven Curtis Chapman The Great Adventure 1992 G
T Steven Curtis Chapman For the Sake of the Call 1990 G
T Steven Curtis Chapman More to This Life 1989 G
T Steven Curtis Chapman The Great Adventure 1992 G
T Stevie Winwood Refugees of the Heat 1990 R
C Sting Ten Summoners Tales 1995 P
T Susanna Hoffs When You’re A Boy 1979 P
T Suzanne Vega 99.9 1992 P
C Tangerine Dream Encore Live 1977 E
C Tangerine Dream Canyon Dreams E
C Tangerine Dream Lilly on the Beach 1989 E
T Tangerine Dream Stratosphere 1978 E
T Tangerine Dream Ricochet 1975 E
C The Allman Brothers A Decade of Hits 1979 R
C The Allman Brothers Decade of Hits 1979 R
T The Association Greatest Hits 1968 P
C The Band Music From Big Pink R
C The Band The Last Waltz – 2 Disc 1978 R
T The Beatles Rock and Roll Music Vol !! 1980 R
C The Bee Gees Still Waters 1997 L
C The Bee Gees Best of L
C The Doobi Brothers The Best of 1976 R
T The Doobi Brothers Best of the Doobies 1972 R
C The Doors Morrison Hotel 1970 R
C The Doors In Concert 2 Disc set R
T The Doors The Doors R
T The Doors L.A. Woman 1971 R
C The James Gang Greatest Hits 2000 R
C The Mamas and The Papas Greatest Hits 1998 L
C The Moody Blues Keys of the Kingdom 1991 L
C The Moody Blues A Night at Red Rocks 1992 L
C The Moody Blues Days of Future Passed 1967 L
C The Strawbs A Choice Selection of 1992 F
T The Tubes The Tubes 1975 R
T The Vaughan Brothers Family Style 1990 R
C The Who Who’s Next 1971 R
C The Who Tommy 1969 R
T Traffic The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys 1971 R
T U2 War 1983 R
T U2 The Joshua Tree 1987 R
T U2 Rattle and Hum 1988 R
T U2 The Unforgettable Fire 1984 R
C Weather Report Heavy Weather 1977 R
T Weather Report Weather Report 1974 N
T Wendy Wall Wendy Wall 1989 F
C WireTrain WireTrain 1990 R
T Yes Fragile E
T Yes Close to the Edge 1972 E

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