Weaker in review 12-11-2016


Random Oddservations

Have you ever wondered why the McRib is only available from about October until Christmas?  We all know it is made from ‘pressed pork’, so why is it available only during this time of year.  Aren’t hogs sold all year long?  Well, about October, they start slaughtering hags to make all the wonderful spiral has for Thanksgiving.    Bacon becomes cheaper, the little packages in plastic containers for smoked ham become cheaper and all the left over stuff that gets dropped on the floor, gets swept up sterilized ground together and placed into the McRib presses and sent out for you to enjoy.


And we have Ms Hilarious Rodham Diane Clinton talking about the wave of “fake news”.  Who would know better than the purveyor of the fake news on Benghazi.  Obama wants a ‘secret’ investigation of “what role Russia played in our Presidential election.”   No agency has reported hacking, no state has reported electronic voting machines hacked, nobody but the Democrats believe this fake news, which really became intensified when it was apparent that Hilarious was losing her lead.  Look at recent headlines f the New York Times- the y are producing ‘fake news’ on almost a daily basis.

Weaker in Review

  • The entire point of Huckleberry Finn is that racism is evil and wrong, even if the majority of a society believes it to be decent. The point of To Kill A Mockingbird is that racism can infuse the criminal justice system when a society decides that skin color matters more than content of character. Why are books being banned?  Because they’re offensive. But that’s the point: books that are offensive are often the most important books to read, debate, and discuss. An intellectual climate that focuses more on protecting feelings and viewpoints than on analyzing and discussing ideas isn’t intellectual at all.  It’s just a bubble.  http://www.dailywire.com/news/11275/leftists-virginia-ban-kill-mockingbird-huck-finn-ben-shapiro
  • Anti-Trump extremists displayed the left’s epic intolerance by destroying a Navy veteran and Donald Trump supporter’s home in Plant City, Florida. The home was gutted, set aflame and vandalized with anti-Trump and anti-white graffiti. http://www.dailywire.com/news/11206/tolerance-alert-navy-vets-home-touched-vandalized-amanda-prestigiacomo

Didya know


Rock-It™  Thunderclap Newman, Norman Greenbaum and other one hit wonders.

The Correct Side of the Story





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