Weaker In Review 5-25-17


Random Oddservations™  I have gotten 3 SynVisc injections in my right knee  for pain from a half kneecap as the edge is rough and causes irritation to the muscles and cartilage.  No problem, works with no pain (injection hurts worse than a cortisone injection) for 9-12 months.  Much better than a cortisone injection every other month.  Now, the insurance companies have to review the case and it takes 3-6 months to get an injection approved.  Thank you UnAffordable Careless Act.

Weaker in Review

Don’t want to get into that this time.

Books You Should Not Read or Websites You Should Not Go To:  Why Is a Fly Not a Horse? by Giuseppe Sermonti; Seattle, WA: Discovery Institute Press, 2005.   And don’t check out www.darwinanddesign.com   You will discover how  and why the problems with Darwinian theory should be taught as part of the science class room.

Rock-It™   AC-DC  They had at least two hits on each album.  Definitely different type of songs also, I think my favorite is “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.”

The Correct Side of the Story


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