We have had Obamcare  (ACA otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act aka unAffordable Careless Act).  Lost in the morass was COBRA, which was a good idea and very poorly implemented.  Now the Republicans have tried with the American Health Care Act- and failed.

Therefore, I offer Loony Larry’s Health Insurance Solution (LLHIS)

  • Obamacare is repealed- all of it
    1. The 1,900 or pages of it that had to be passed before we could know what was in it
    2. The 50-60 offices and boards, and agencies it created
    3. The 46,000 pages of regulations created in (2) above
  • Limit the bureaucracy
    1. 435 adjutants – one for each congressional district
      1. Monitors costs from hospitals in district
      2. All hospitals submit monthly report on standardized format
  • Each adjutant has copy of a program to read reports (est. cost to write program-using Senior System Architects with no government experience– would be $150,000)
  1. Adjutants would be able to determine variance in costs for same items, procedures and medications
  2. If excessive variance is found, (variance from rural to metropolitan can be 17%, from metropolitan to metropolitan no more than 15%, from rural to rural no more than 9%).  Rural is defined as less than 150,000 population, metropolitan  higher.  Then variance is to be referred to
  1. State Cost Control bureau (50 of them, one for each state)
    1. Each state creates laws, injunctions, penalties, fines etc. for all medical facilities in their state. They may determine what is the fraud that is most prevalent in their area.
    2. Guidelines may be generated by the U.S. Government if the states refuse to do so within 9 months of passage of this bill
  2. Product Research
    1. One individual from each district- must be medical professional (meet part time to be determined by them but no less than once every other month)
    2. Study current state of research by
      1. Pharmaceutical companies
      2. Medical research centers
      3. Foundation grants
  • Determines that the needs of individuals in their area are being meet by research
  1. Pharmacy Board
    1. Two individuals from each state (non-professionals) and one professional physician from each state
    2. To meet at least quarterly
    3. Monitor prescription costs and determine what is so high that patients are choosing to avoid buying as prescribed.
    4. Suggests which medications should be subsidized further
  • Analyzes pharmaceutical cost to bring new drug to market
    1. Determines if cost/benefit ratio is within guidelines
      1. Guidelines created by U.S. Government
    2. Determines if insurance/patient subsidy is necessary
  • All persons currently in hospitals, being treated by physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists will continue to be covered under their existing plan
    1. The customer will continue to pay existing premiums unless
      1. It is an Obamacare package with premiums or deductibles above average for policies in area according to the districts adjutant
      2. The LLHIS will pay the difference until the customer has the opportunity to select a reasonable policy for their needs
  • Individuals with “pre-existing” conditions
    1. “pre-existing” is defined as prior to the implementation of LLHIS
    2. “pre-existing” is a condition an individual has that is not catastrophic, terminal or life-threatening but has had for a period of time and requires normal medications
    3. Catastrophic, terminal or life-threatening diseases are covered in a special LLHIS pool that covers all medically necessary treatments
  • Insurance companies may sell policies across state lines
    1. Group policies can be sold to similar markets across states, i.e. garage mechanics can be in a group, paramedics can be a group, etc.
    2. Individuals can get a group policy by joining with other individuals but only within a state
      1. Brokers may sell insurance policies but have sales commissions limited by U.S. Government guideline
  • Policies can be:
    1. Wellness
    2. Catastrophic
    3. Both
    4. Riders will be allowed for a patients individual needs and subsidies may exist
      1. Cancer
      2. Heart
      3. Congenital defects
      4. Diabetes
  • Policies can be bought for elective surgery but at a higher cost

Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration openly admit to $95 BILLION dollars in fraudulent claims EACH year.  A special position to be known as cost containment  lawyer will be appointed from each district.  They will be paid from the first $5 billion saved.  The next $30 billion will go into the pre-existing fund, the next $30 billion saved will be split between paying insurance subsidies and pharmacy subsidies, the final $30 billion saved will go into research to assist patients in medicines needed, therapy needed Durable medical goods, etc.  It is expected that this should take approximately three years to clean up.  After this then Congress should appropriate the before wasted funds for the now needed useful funds.  The final step will be that the lawyers will have devised laws and procedures to insure that this fraud does not continue.


The America-hating Left

January 16, 2017  copied from http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/swirsky/170116

An execrable coup – an exhilarating counter-coup

By Joan Swirsky

In 2009, America experienced a genuine coup d’état, exquisitely formulated and flawlessly executed after decades of planning by the socialists, communists, and jihadists among us who loathe America and have wished for nothing less than transforming our great country into a mecca of far-left, anti-American policies, punctuated by preposterous liberal constructs like political correctness and multiculturalism, and ultimately subservient to Sharia law.

As strange, indeed mind-bending, as this seems, remember that anything that is alien to American values and that promises to undermine America’s passion for freedom and strength is considered a good thing and heartily embraced by the America-hating left. Hence, their fetish with Islam, a political system-cum-“religion” that is antithetical to every value that sane Americans hold dear.

As proof, the policies and laws enacted over the past eight years have consistently militated against America’s well-being. This is the proverbial drop in the bucket:

  • An eviscerated military and favor-the-enemy Rules of Engagement.
  • Porous borders over which tens of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens have swarmed, many of them violent criminals and, no doubt, stealth jihadists.
  • A Big Government mentality that encourages unemployment (95 million) and therefore dependency on government from cradle to grave.
  • Massive debt – currently pushing $20 trillion – which weakens our country’s ability to pay for essential needs like infrastructure and defense, again with the goal of dependency on government.
  • A horrific healthcare system (Obamacare) that alienates doctors, punishes patients with sky-high premiums and inferior care, and simply doesn’t work – hence its inevitable implosion (taking place right now).
  • The most dumbed-down educational system in American history – Common Core – that is based on the fantasy of fairness but in fact deprives every public-school student of even a minimally decent education and a chance to succeed…more government dependency.
  • Implanting operatives from terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood into every branch of our government, including (to name a few) the State Department, the Pentagon, Homeland Security, the Attorney General’s office, the EPA, the FBI, the CIA, and on and on – all of them intent on subverting the U.S. Constitution and replacing it with Sharia law, the animating force of Islam, which dictates not only that gays be executed and that women who are raped be tried and convicted for infidelity, but that a failure to embrace Islam be punished with either a hefty tax or death.
  • A foreign policy that supports our enemies and spits in the faces of our most faithful allies, for instance Israel, England, Egypt – the list is long.
  • Handing over control of the Internet to the United Nations – the most corrupt, tin-pot-dictator-driven, anti-American, anti-Semitic, American-resource-draining cesspool in our country. If I had one piece of advice for President-Elect Trump, it would be to kick this rancid organization out of the United States! Nothing they’ve ever done has been good for our country. Talk about “draining the swamp”!

Agent of change – gimme a break!

Americans were both horrified and dumbfounded when the former community organizer Barack Obama turned out not to “transform” America for the better, but to be a figurehead – no one would accuse him of being a leader – who left our country in devastating debt, largely unemployed, perceived as the prototypical 97-pound weakling by our allies and viewed by our own citizens as a lazy but golden-tongued puppet who preferred non-stop golfing vacations and entertaining rap stars and police-hating performers like Beyoncé to even a remote semblance of governing.

Even more horrifying was the depth and breadth and immense scope of this coup. It included, ala Karl Marx, a complete takeover of the media – the vehicle by which the American public imagines it knows what is going on. This takeover included non-stop false flags and a steady stream of fake news, which the public might never have known about save for Wikileaks.

Except for a very few reliable outlets, the TV networks, radio stations, and newspapers all sang the same song. Why? Not only because the media has always leaned left, but because Mr. Obama had gotten complete control over the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and therefore could and did censor what he pleased, supporting those who danced to his radical tune and trying to marginalize those who didn’t.

But wait! Things got even worse. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status to the Internal Revenue Service found that their petitions were routinely denied – not for weeks or months, but years. When the career crooks in the IRS were exposed, they were magically allowed to resign with full back pay and pensions intact. Nice.

And then there were Mr. Obama’s, ahem, legacy items, according to editorial graphic artist Dixon Diaz:

  • Lowest economic growth in American history.
  • Record number of mass shootings.
  • Record number of terrorist attacks on American soil.
  • Record number of people on food stamps.
  • Record high health insurance costs.
  • Worst rioting since 1967.
  • Highest poverty level in American history.


And that is not to omit the things blazed indelibly into the memory – for instance the disgraceful images of Mr. Obama defiling the Oval Office with his feet on the splendiferous Resolute desk, or the rank bullying he displayed in putting “the gun of government to the heads of the Little Sisters of the Poor, demanding that they either pay to destroy children in the womb or be crushed,” as described by Peter Heck in American Thinker.

The Soros factor

To both casual observers and political junkies, it seemed all-too-obvious that the real brain behind this coup was the brilliant, megalomaniacal hedge-fund billionaire, Hungarian-born George Soros, who was probably responsible for appointing Iranian-born lawyer Valerie Jarrett as Barack Obama’s consigliere, effectively putting her in charge of the White House, the putative president, and their shared fetish of giving the arch-terrorist state, Iran, billions of dollars to develop nuclear weapons that will be aimed at the Great Satan, which the mullahs call the United States of America, and, as they promise every day, at the Little Satan, Israel. Nice.

I would not be surprised if Mr. Soros didn’t mandate Iranian-born Huma Abedin as Hillary Clinton’s consigliere because he knew of Abedin’s longtime affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, the prominent role both she and her parents played in that Nazi-inspired, anti-American organization with its stated goal of conquering what they consider vile democracies and converting them into Islamic-controlled states subservient to the caliphate they all dream about.

Why? Because Mr. Soros is a genius at orchestrating complex scenarios that are uniformly bad for America. A prolific author, he has written, among other tomes, The Bubble of American Supremacy. The many books that have been written about him further reveal his distaste for America, where he lives in spectacular splendor. Here is but a sample of book titles that describe his long-held mission:

But it is the way Mr. Soros has used his vast wealth around the world that makes his support of the coup against America so plausible, as Wayne Madsen explains in a recent and fascinating article, Does George Soros Control the Obama White House? In short, Madsen concludes yes – Mr. Obama’s “moneybags” indeed controls the White House.

Mr. Soros is a master at manipulating markets all over the world and, for the most part, avoiding criminal prosecution, although a French Court did indict him, saying that “his billion-dollar raids on national currencies and financial institutions were not based on peerless financial acumen, but on illegally acquired inside information.” Mr. Soros believes in the fairy-tale notion of one-world globalism, the better to eliminate the “unfair” disparity between the rich and the poor. What he considers a lofty goal involves destroying the most productive and generous nations on the face of the earth: America and Israel. Nice.

That is the tip of the Soros iceberg. From what is being reported, Mr. Soros has assembled a team of media people and politicians to fight the Trump presidency every step of the way. You can already see the flunkies in the U.S. Congress doing their best to sabotage President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominees with questions that are both loaded and hostile.

Yet, for the first time in his formidable dealings, it is clear that Mr. Soros has met his match in PE Trump. Oops, I take that back! Actually, Mr. Soros – his philosophy, his candidates, and his lust to take down America – has been decimated by Mr. Trump. Mr. Soros simply ran into a rich guy who was smarter than him!

That’s right, another billionaire who lives just a stone’s throw from Mr. Soros in New York City just happened to defeat not only the presidential candidate Mr. Soros backed for president – the amazingly unlovely and unqualified Hillary – but the entire Democrat Party, the classless Clintons, and the craven media into which he has poured multi-millions over the past several decades!

It’s no small thing, as the The Wall St. Journal reported the other day, that Mr. Soros lost nearly one billion dollars after the Trump election, so sure was he that the nag he backed would win. “Mr. Soros was cautious about the market going into November and became more bearish immediately after Mr. Trump’s election, [but] the stance proved a mistake – the stock market rallied on expectations that Mr. Trump’s policies will boost corporate earnings and the overall economy.”

Think a measly billion doesn’t matter to Mr. Soros? Think again. Billionaires measure their billions the same way that ordinary men measure their shoe size!

C’mon, train

There Trump was – business and media mogul extraordinaire, not a toy Lionel train car or a Pullman coach but a massive self-propelled locomotive, who showed up at the presidential debates of 2015, and by May of 2016 had run over and decimated 16 opponents, all seasoned and professional politicians!

All of a sudden, both the politicians themselves and members of the media were forced to take Mr. Trump seriously. But many couldn’t help themselves – they were still the same supercilious, patronizing, bought-and-paid-for leftist lackeys who had been commenting all along on this runaway train. So they kept up their antagonistic drumbeat, confident that the sheer volume of their commentary and propaganda would be his undoing.

Aiding and abetting their mission were dozens of pollsters across the country whose skewed polls showed consistently that the chronically coughing, wobbling, decrepit-one-day/re-botoxed-the-next-day Hillary – the woman without a platform and lacking even a tiny dollop of charisma – was significantly ahead of the brash billionaire. Pundits on every network and cable news shows echoed these polls and predicted that the Electoral College votes, and Michigan and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Ohio, and of course California and New York, would definitely, positively, unmistakably insure a Hillary victory.

One thing none of them counted on was the tremendous sophistication of voters across the country – the same voters they’re still disparaging – who had been watching the devolution of our county for eight years and praying and waiting for at least one sane person to save our country from the malignant leftism in our body politic that Mr. Obama so relentlessly stoked.

They recognized in President-elect Trump the absolute answer to their prayers and proceeded to blanket our entire country in red, except for the few bastions of blue on the East and Left Coasts. Hence Hillary’s “popular vote” so-called victory, thanks to a voter-motor law cooked up by Gov. Jerry Brown and enacted into law in October 2015.

A report from Investors Business Daily says that: “According to the American Civil Liberties Union – which opposes the motor-voter law – California houses 3.3 million illegals, or a quarter of the nation’s total. So the stage is set not just for extending voting to illegals but for swinging national elections, too.”

Meanwhile, the Trump locomotive barreled on with the president-elect interviewing dozens of potential hirees at Trump Tower in NY City, at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, at his “winter White House” Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach Island, Florida – ultimately selecting those who will staff his cabinets and administration. The indefatigable Mr. Trump also embarked on an extensive thank-you tour to Ohio, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, attracting the same huge “rock star” crowds that gave him his victory.

The left’s last gasp

I know it’s not objectively funny, but I can’t help actually laughing out loud when witnessing those thousands of badly-behaved virtual three-year-olds soiling their diapers, banging their heads, and generally throwing non-stop temper tantrums since Election Day. They keep hurling things onto the tracks – right in front of President-elect Locomotive – because they still can’t absorb the fact that everything they’ve based their identities on, everything they believe, everything they hoped for, everything they’ve learned in school and on TV, everything they thought they accomplished – was utterly destroyed by one man and millions of voters.

These children have tried everything:

  • Popping up at demonstrations, complete with shiny new placards, in front of Trump Tower.
  • Regurgitating stale and wildly inaccurate talking points, as happens five days a week from a woman named Whoopi and a joyless creature name Joy.
  • Devolving into an embarrassing freakout at a press conference, as did CNN’s Jim Acosta when the duly-elected next president didn’t call on him.
  • Contriving an evidence-free Russian hacking scandal to rationalize Hillary’s crashing loss. Why? So they could kick 35 Russian diplomats out of the U.S. and quickly invade their compounds to purge any records that might implicate Mr. Obama – not Mr. Trump – in subterfuge, not to omit the other desperate purging and shredding of records they’re engaged in at this very minute.
  • Stacking the hearings for PE Trump’s cabinet nominees with dense Democrats like New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, and Republican Trump critic, Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio.
  • Calling on a famed actress to audition for the role of a snooty, finger-wagging scold and display her “selective empathy” at Hollywood’s Golden Globes Awards.
  • Trotting out a puerile pol like Georgia’s Rep. John Lewis to take a cheap potshot.
  • Inventing a Russian-connected sex scandal based on made-up gossip from the now thoroughly discredited BuzzFeed.
  • Preaching, as The New York Times did about what’s wrong with nepotism, when its entire conglomerate is based on nepotism.
  • Exposing, as writer Glenn Greenwald did, that Obama’s CIA and a complicit media are deeply involved in the stop-Trump juggernaut.
  • Threatening massive and disruptive demonstrations and riots during the upcoming inauguration.

This is all part of the same phenomenon – American-hating leftists gone mad. As one blogger commented: “I haven’t seen the Democrats so angry since Republicans took away their slaves!”

This is aberrant behavior which the Wall St. Journal’s Kimberly A. Strassel explains: “The more that progressives have failed to win political arguments, the more they have turned to underhanded tactics to shut down their political opponents….Mr. Trump can expect plenty more of this to come. In winning the election, he blocked the left’s ability to use some of its favorite intimidation tactics. It no longer controls an accommodating federal bureaucracy. It no longer runs a Justice Department willing to threaten political opponents and turn a blind eye to liberal abuse. So the left will increasingly rely on campaigns of delegitimization….this is the best they’ve got.”

Again, the left’s vile behavior is not objectively funny. But as PE Trump systematically swats away these irritants like so many pesky gnats, I have to admit that I’m loving every minute!

In just a few days, I and the entire country (except for the loons on the left) will rejoice while watching Mr. Trump take the oath of office, making him the 45th President of the United States of America. Finally, we will have a president who loves America and will fight like a hundred tigers to overturn and fix the malevolent policies inflicted on our country over the past eight years.

What an exhilarating counter-coup!

© Joan Swirsky

Repeal and don’t replace


Much ink has been used to write about the question of what Republicans should replace ObamaCare with, if they keep their often repeated promises to repeal it and replace it.

The simplest and most direct thing would be – nothing.  Do not replace ObamaCare with anything.  Let us get the government out of health care and allow the people and insurance providers to negotiate among themselves about what options the American people themselves prefer.

The only role for government in health care should be to enforce contracts.  If an insurance provider fails to satisfy a contractual obligation, that’s when the government should step in through the justice system to provide accountability.

The fundamental problem with centralized government, as we have under ObamaCare, is that nobody is smart enough to know what all 330 million Americans want at any given time about anything.  The only people who know what they want at any given time are the American people themselves.

If the insurance free market is cleared of the government-created, government-mandated rubble that has clogged up American health care since the creation of ObamaCare, we just might have a fresh opportunity to craft health-care options according to our needs and preferences rather than being forced to accept decisions made for us by politicians who care more about votes than people.

This process is elegant in its simplicity. If the government is no longer mandating health care options, who will?  The American people, that’s who, insurance providers will be forced to ask the American people what they want, rather than being told what the American people want by government bureaucrats in cubicles located in the depths of buildings in Washington, D.C.

Health insurance providers want customers. They want people to buy their product.  With government out of the way, the only way they can stay in business is to provide a product that the American people are willing to buy.  With no bureaucrats telling them what services they must cover, providers will have to consult with the American people and ask US (you and me) what kinds of services WE want in our insurance packages.

Almost immediately, an entire range of insurance options will spring up.  Options would be available for every price range and every preference.  The American consumer, and the American employer looking to provide health care for his employers, would be free to focus their attention on what kind of health care coverage they want, what they can afford, and where’s the best place to get it.

We would overnight have the prospect of watching insurance providers competing with each other across state lines for our health care dollars.  How would they win that competition?  Through ingenuity, creativity, and listening to the customer in Big Spring, Texas rather than a low-level bureaucrat in Washington.

Personally, I think the vast majority of the American people would choose a low-premium, high-deductible catastrophic plan coupled with a health savings account (HSA). Such a policy would protect them in case of a major health event; much like auto insurance covers collisions but does not cover oil changes.

What they – or their employer – would save on premiums could be plowed into an HSA which they would control and which would continue to grow.  It would create an added incentive to make healthier lifestyle choices because anything they don’t spend, they keep for future medical expenses. The HSA could be used for routine medical expenses, and would quickly grow to the point where it would be sufficient to meet the deductible in case of a major event.  What that creates is peace of mind and a sense of security.

A veritable plethora of options would flood the marketplace, with a plan for every budget.  People who want all the bells and whistles, and can afford them, would be perfectly free to pay higher premiums for lower deductibles and more coverage. Budget conscious Americans – like most of us are – could comparison-shop for the best deal.  No more would men pay for birth control and women pay for prostrate exams.  People who can afford an Escalade could go get one; people who can afford Hyundais could drive one of those.


For the poor, philanthropists could make a name for themselves and do good at the same time by funding community health care clinics- instead of political PAC’s.  Hospitals could create funds to which citizens and philanthropists could donate to provide healthcare treatments for those who cannot afford them.  Churches could step in and help parishioners with unexpected expenses.

Employers could shop with a wide range of options.  They could spend more for plans that are more extensive in order to attract higher quality workers.  Alternatively, they could spend less and offer employers more money in their pockets and more money in their HSAs.

In other words, if we get government out of the way, the free market will allow the American people themselves to decide what the health insurance landscape will look like.  The result will be lower premiums and more choices, because that’s what the American consumer will demand.

Obama and Keystone

Obama was at Benedict College in South Carolina, largely a black college; he talked about the Keystone pipeline and made it clear that his delay of making a decision for six years has been because he was going to say no anyway. He admitted he was trying to delay the date of saying no in the hope that the “foreign company” would go away. That “foreign company” is partially owned by American companies (ConocoPhillips being the largest) but beyond that point, Obama knows nothing about the private, sector. Here is the president speaking on the Keystone pipeline, “We’re not going to authorize a pipeline that benefits largely a foreign company, if it can’t be shown that it is safe and if it can’t be shown overall that it would not contribute to climate change.”

Now the State Department has already weighed in with two environmental impact statements, from the federal law required when decision-making of this kind is done, and on both counts safety and climate change (CO2 emissions), the pipeline is better than the railroad cars. And we don’t have to worry about what has been happening recently. We have had three trains crash during the last a month or so. The latest one is near Galena, Illinois, and a 1 mile radius around the site of a train derailment was evacuated with cars burning all week long. Smoke could be seen burning for miles, the of course was a Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway train owned by Warren Buffett. Best friend of Obama. That is how the oil is getting into the United States now. It seems better, safety wise, to put in a pipe that has all kinds of safeguards built into it that the 10,000 miles plus of pipes laid back in the140’s to 1970’s didn’t have. There are a number of pipelines already built coming in from Canada to the United States which carry Canadian oil.

Finishing the Keystone XL pipeline would allow us to not take Venezuelan oil. We can take more Canadian oil with it, but aside from the issue of dependence on the right kind of foreign oil, it far safer than in the railroad cars which is the alternative to the pipeline. The climate change thing is the same thing, when you are taking oil out of the ground and then you put it in the oil tanker some of the petroleum vapors escape in the form CO2 into the atmosphere. When you take it out of the oil tanker, down in the United States at the Houston refineries there is going to be some spillage, and some venting of CO2. None of which happens with the pipeline.

So the president continues to say we are not going to support foreign companies. It’s a Canadian company, first of all partially owned by American companies, doing business in the United States with all kinds of American companies, and willing to invest in the United States billions of dollars to do more business. Billions of dollars that we taxpayers do not have to come up with, in an infrastructure project you been touting since you got in office. A project, that by your own state Department, is going to generate 42,000 construction jobs and 6 unions are supporting it for that very reason. It is a middle-class job creating infrastructure project precisely as you have defined what we ought to be doing in this country except for one detail. It is not government money, it is private money.

The reason that he is not supporting this pipeline is all politics and nonsense. (pointed out in https://larrythecontrarian.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/why-obama-wont-ok-keystone/ ) And you’re the President of the United States determining that we should be dependent on Venezuelan oil coming into Port Arthur and Houston refineries by ship, rather than Canadian oil coming down the pipeline through Illinois refineries and in Cushing, Oklahoma and other Port Arthur refineries, so that we can have a safe and reliable and dependable source of oil from a reasonably civilized country.

Bend over and smile!


Who, other than the liberal left thought it would be good news when the IRS got involved ObamaCare. Do you know anyone who has had a ‘good’ encounter with the IRS organization? Do you view them as dedicated to simplification, of using common sense, and making good judgments? Of course not, their attitude is, if it is simple it is defective. It has got a be as complex as possible so they have a semi-valid reason to hire the of millions of agents needed to track down all those who would deliberately defraud the US government.

So here’s the latest ‘thing within’ the law that we didn’t know about until we passed it. If you signed up for subsidized healthcare in your state exchange or the federal exchange and you were told you had a subsidy for your premiums, understand first of all that the subsidy is not sent to- it is sent to the health insurance company. Starting to see the built in scam, it actually comes on several levels.

The first level of the scam is somebody sets the rate that you’re going to pay. The government inflates it by requiring a whole bunch of stuff in your policy you may or may not need (such as senior men with gynecological coverage, female infants with maternity coverage, sex-change operations, etc. All of these have been documented as required for the standard insurance requirements). All of this has been mandated by government bureaucrats (who were not elected and their regulations were not voted on by Congress) of what must be covered in order to be ‘real health insurance.’ This has driven the price of the insurance up, the health insurance companies beset on all sides by liberals who would love to nationalize them see the risk is growing and they raise the premiums above that. Then the government says, not to worry were going to subsidize the premiums.

So the first phase of the scam is somebody else sets the rates, the government inflates the rates which creates uncertainty in the marketplace causing companies to inflate rates even further. The result is we no longer have a competitive marketplace in which rates are set by the users of that market. Now we have politics and politicians telling us at the same time that the overall effect will be to reduce premiums. Of course, it has not. Remember the famous pledge that the average family of four will see a reduction of approximately $2500.

The second level of the scam. Not to worry, even if you earn $94,000+ and have a family of four, you’re going to get a subsidy and it increases the less you make.  So anybody under hundred grand were going to take care of you by subsidizing those inflated premium cost. Okay, so people get 20 to 60 to 80% or more – except the money goes to the health insurance companies. So what is the incentive for the companies to lower premiums?

So then the IRS says to you the premium payer, we are basing the level of the percentage of the subsidy on your information of what you make according to the W-2 forms submitted by your employer(s). 279,000 American households have now reported incomes that don’t match the IRS records. 279,000 households.   Supporting documents have to be sent in by September 30th.

So being the IRS you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent- and good luck with that. They are double checking and if you get a subsidy and you don’t meet the standards, say you earned $150,000 and you told the IRS you made$ 94,003 for your family of four. The IRS will deduct the subsidy that they paid not to you but the insurance company, from your refund check.

It cannot get worse than that, right. Well you just do not know what is in the 43,000+ pages of regulations added to the nearly 2,000 page ObamaCare bill that was passed before midnight that Christmas Eve, oh so many years ago now. Iif you actually are a success in life, say you went from a mere $15 an hour minimum wage job at McDonald’s. You actually get a job in your field of study and you’re making $30 and say it happens in mid-year and earlier in the year you’ve gone ahead and applied for health insurance and your new employer doesn’t have health insurance, so you’re happy to have the ObamaCare insurance.   So you’re feeling good and you’ve got this new opportunity, this new job and you forget one little thing. If you don’t immediately report the change to the IRS so they can cut off your subsidy, and you wait to the end of the year, they will penalize you and they will take back all the money on any tax refunds in the future.

So in other words, there is now a penalty on success, a penalty on moving on up, a penalty on ambition to sucker you into these lower insurance rates produced by subsidies on insurance rates that in the ObamaCare market are way higher than they need to be. They mask it with subsidies that they are ready to yank back from YOU, not from the health insurance companies.

With this explanation would you vote for anyone in Congress who voted for this bill and continues to support it?

Can you spell Obama?


Economists, according to all the media reports on 9/5/14, expected payroll growth in August of an additional 225,000 following July’s upwardly revised 2120,000. Instead they got 1 42,000. They got a record number of people, 92,269,000 a record number of Americans who do not have a job. Now many of them are retired, but aside from people in institutions, aside from people in the Armed Forces, aside from people incarcerated, aside from all those people, 92,269,000 Americans do not have jobs.

It is the highest non-participation rate in the labor force in 36 years or to put it another way another way, since Jimmy Carter was President. Nonetheless, the unemployment rate has bounced down again to 6.1%. If you believe that number, I have some ocean front property in Yuma for you to invest in. Here we are in the midst of this “recovery “ with people continuing to say that the economy is recovering. In fact the whole focus of the 142,000 new jobs was on how unexpected it was since we obviously are in a recovery.

Now for the bad news, the above was the news. There was a net loss of full-time jobs. The jobs they are counting are part-time and full-time together. If you look at the underlying numbers there was a net loss of full-time jobs most being replaced by part-time jobs. Can you spell ObamaCare? Understand what’s happening in this economy in terms of job creation, the more the president talks about job creation the more his actions are destroying jobs.

You know how the Democrats complain about the top 1%. Did you know that most of the top 1% are Democrats. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Imelt and the list goes on an on. The Washington Times (one of the most liberal newspapers in the country) had this as their headline “Federal Reserve: Under Obama only the richest 10% saw incomes rise”. This is report by the Federal Reserve, covering the years 2010 to 2013, which correlated Mr. Obama constantly campaigned against income inequality, and included his 2012 rival Romney as a tool of the Wall Street plutocrats.

While the president was getting reelected, talking about income inequality, fair pay for women, the 1% and all the rest of that, his policies were making the top 10% richer and the rest of this not so much. Here’s the numbers, the 2010- 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances found that even though real Gross Domestic Product grew by an average of 2.1% per year, civilian unemployment fell from 9.9% to 7.5%. Unemployment was down but only families “at the very top of the income distribution saw widespread income gains.” The Federal Reserve survey found that a family in the middle income bracket, the 40th to the 90th percentiles, saw “very little change in average real incomes and still have not recovered losses from 2010 and 2007.”

The middle class is still not back to where they were in 2007. You can blame the recession on Bush, as many still do, give him 100% credit for it. But we are 6 1/2 years into your administration and you ran not on a foreign policy platform (which with the mess we are in now shows) but you ran on an economic platform. We should have had some kind of a recovery. In 6 1/2 years, we should be doing better than we were before the recession, because that has been the pattern of every other recession since World War II. The pattern is between 6 and 18 months you are doing better than you were before the recession. Barack Obama now holds the record of 6 1/2 years later the middle class is not doing good.

Those at the bottom of the income distribution have seen “substantial declines in average real incomes.” The more people go on welfare the less well off they are. For every American, regardless of where you are in this continuum, for every American except at the top, they are not doing very well.

Let’s go to the Romney level. The top 3% climbed from 44.8% in 2001 and rose to 48.8% in 2007. In 2013 it was 54.4%. During Obama’s time it has climbed more than it did in the Bush years. And the bottom 90%, they fell from 33.2% in 2007 to 24.7 in 2013. If the policies of this administration and the effect they had on the economy matched the rhetoric shouldn’t those numbers be the opposite. To put it another way, how is it he is so good at making speeches that resonate with people, but the actual performance is 180° different.


Who would have thunked it?


Let us take a look at ObamaCare. Hackers got into part of the healthcare.gov insurance exchange on July 8. The Department of Health and Human Services only discovered this 10 days ago. The Department of Health and Human Services didn’t even know that malicious code had been inserted and uploaded into an ObamaCare server, and was dormant waiting for command to attack other computers. The Obama administration said their was evidence that a foreign government did this.

Okay there was no evidence of foreign government breaking the Watergate either, but that didn’t really answer the question that we are asking. The question is how did somebody hack into the website that cost over $600 million to build. How was that possible? Simple! Turns out that the server was left with its default password. They did not even change the default password. I have fired developers who did not do that with the companies I have worked for.

Darrell Issa has subpoenaed the Director of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services to try to determine how this debacle came about for September 18. Everybody is talking about how this hacker got into the system and of course the department said it was only a server that testing was done on. The incompetence, the shear wasteful, stupid inattention, incompetence that this administration has even for something they should care about ObamaCare getting ready for the enrollment period in the second year. Starting September 15 through December of 2014 I can guarantee that the problems with the website will be worse than they were in the first.