Who Am I

I will soon turn 68 years old and I just heard this song from long, long ago.  Read the lyrics and click on the group’s name to listen to it. You may remember them for  “Fixin-to-Die-Rag”  Or maybe not, but it was the rallying cry at many concerts during the Vietnam War period.  (Warning, that song has what may be considered vulgar language).

Who Am I

Country Joe and the Fish

Who am I
To stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate
Slowly grind my life away.
Who am I?

There were some things that I loved one time.
But the dreams are gone I thought were mine.
And the hidden tears that once could fall
Now burn inside at the thought of all
The years of waste, the years of crime
Passions of a heart so blind;
To think that, but even still
As I stand exposed, my feelings are felt
And I cry into the echo of my loneliness.

Who am I
To stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate
Slowly grind my life away.
Who am I?

What a nothing I’ve made of life
The empty words, the coward’s plight
To be pushed and passed from hand to hand
Never daring to speak, never daring to stand
And the emptiness of my family’s eyes
Reminds me over and over of lies
And promises and deeds undone
And now again I want to run
But now there is nowhere to run to.

Who am I
To stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate
Slowly grind my life away.
Who am I?

And now my friend we meet again
We shall see which one will bend
Under the strain of death’s golden eyes
Which one of us shall win the prize
To live and which one will die
‘Tis I, my friend, yes ’tis I
Shall kill to live again and again
To clutch the throat of sweet revenge
For life is here only for the taking.

Who am I
To stand and wonder, to wait
While the wheels of fate
Slowly grind my life away.
Who am I? Who am I?

All but the third verse applies to me (well maybe parts of the third does apply in some ways).

So, I have decided to become introspective- WHO AM I.  So let us define the word introspection: the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.  But what does that even mean?  Well, let us turn to our friendly, ever ready Wikipedia: In psychology the process of introspection relies exclusively on observation of one’s mental state, while in a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one’s soul. Introspection is closely related to human self-reflection and is contrasted with external observation.

Introspection generally provides a privileged access to our own mental states, not mediated by other sources of knowledge, so that individual experience of the mind is unique. Introspection can determine any number of mental states including: sensory, bodily, cognitive, emotional and so forth.

Introspection has been a subject of philosophical discussion for thousands of years.  The philosopher Plato asked, “…why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are?”

OK, so I will discuss the mental states as I feel they apply to me.

Let u first examine the mental state of my sensory system.  This consists of sensory neurons (including the sensory receptor cells), neural pathways, and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception.  Commonly recognized sensory systems are those for vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and balance.  Therefore, senses are transducers from the physical world to the realm of the mind where we interpret the information, creating our perception of the world around us.  Nevertheless, I would not say it is of the entire world, just those portions of the world that we are within our physical sphere from time to time.

Vision is to be expected from one my age.  I had a macular hole repaired, the glaucoma seemed to have cleared up, a couple of cataracts and the vision is just going bad slowly.  Some people may say that my vision clouds my perception of things I believe or understand about the world, but that really has nothing to do with sight.  So how else did my perceptions arise?

Bodily sense.  I am aware of my surroundings, I know what year it is and who the President is.  I do seem to be bumping into things more, find myself afraid of dropping things- so I use plastic cups instead of glass ones these days.  I enjoy touching- maybe I wasn’t touched enough as a child?  Who knows, and how to prove or disprove it would be troublesome, so let us just be neutral on this one.  I do enjoy stroking and caressing the warm flesh of the lovely women next to me at night.  My hands seem to be in constant motion and that is not due to the Parkinson’s disease I have been diagnosed with recently.  They have some interesting “herky-jerky” pills for that.  Of course, my feet always seem to be playing a base drum also, but when I was in the 6th grade, drum lessons didn’t go over very well with me, which may be the cause of some of the “left-out” feelings I seemed to pick up from my Dad after that- he spent a lot of money at a time when it was scarce. I guess he thought he saw something in me that I didn’t fulfill.  Of course, from what I remember, we had a Hammond Organ in the house and my younger brother tried the trumpet for a while and my youngest brother played the piccolo or clarinet or something sissy like that.  Then again, is “rhythm” sensory or bodily?

This next one is a dozy!  Cognition:  “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.”  It encompasses processes such as knowledge, attention, memory and working memory, judgment and evaluation, reasoning and “computation”, problem solving and decision making, comprehension and production of language, etc.  Human cognition is conscious and unconscious, concrete or abstract, as well as intuitive (like knowledge of a language) and conceptual (like a model of a language).  Cognitive processes use existing knowledge and generate new knowledge.

  • Knowledge: has been discussed by every notable and non-notable philosopher that has come down the road. All I can say is it appears to be different for everyone, even if it is about the same thing.
  • Attention:

I have been forced to stand at it a couple of times, but I do not think that is what this topic is about.  It is more usually thought of as the ability or power to keep the mind on something; the ability to concentrate. I give myself a C grade on that.  I have a hard time in social settings with paying attention- when talking with others I always seem to understand what the conversation is and can pretty much guess what will be said by the next person.  Maybe that comes from playing so much chess when younger. However, when I find something interesting, I can block out everything and concentrate on just that one item to the point I may get angry with others trying to interfere with my concentration.

  • Memory and working memory:

is the faculty of the mind by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved.  Memory is vital to experiences and related to limbic systems (The limbic system supports a variety of functions including emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction), it is the retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action.  If we could not remember past events, we could not learn or develop language, relationships, nor personal identity.  They make is so difficult.  Short term memory, probably having problems with it, but what do you expect at my age.  Sure, I forget what it was I just wanted to do, or where I just placed something- but it all works out –eventually.  I know I have suppressed many childhood memories remembering very few (mainly those that were dramatic).  I have no desire to undergo hypnosis for regression therapy.  I do remember virtually everything that has happened in my life (with some drug induced gaps) since the death of my Dad in 1968.  After that, my memory is pretty straight on and it has certainly pissed off a number of individuals.

  • Judgment and evaluation:

the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.  Well, I have never been accused of that- especially recently. Most of the time, I am told my conclusions are false, rigid, based upon stories told and retold by young alcoholics or grain drug addicts from old Jerusalem. However, that just deals with my philosophy of life and personal beliefs.  As far as plain judgment and evaluation and sensible conclusions- I have gotten better, but can still be faulted.  A lot of the time, I am wrong, but that is because the others are always right no matter how wrong they may be.  I have an uncanny knack for giving in to the ones around me.  I do not like to argue so I just give up and do what the others say instead of sticking to my desires.  It causes far less fights and arguments but can also be the cause of a perception of weakness on my part.  I blame it on my childhood and belief that if any women gives me a second look she deserves to be on the pedestal I put her on.  So yes, I still f**k up at times.

  • reasoning (the action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way)


and “computation” (Computation is any type of calculation that follows a well-defined model understood and expressed as, for example, an algorithm).  Well, finally something I excel in.  At least I believe I do.  I can take a set of information and come up with ideas derived from it hat nobody else can. That is what made me one of the top software and databased designers in the Permian Basin. I look at information from an entirely different means and matter than others seem to do.  I have had the ability to find information that others thought was lost and to locate and expand information that has given my customers a competitive advantage over others.  Therefore, this is my strong point.

  • problem solving (Problem solving consists of using generic or ad hoc methods, in an orderly manner, for finding solutions to problems) and decision making

Several of the above states are a combination of mental representations and propositional attitudes.  There are several paradigmatic states of mind that an agent has: love, hate, pleasure and pain, and attitudes toward propositions such as: believing that, conceiving that, hoping and fearing that, etc.  A lot of this falls under doxastic justification a form of philosophy that I had not covered since first year in college- back in 1969.

But with some much covered and so much more to think about, I guess I can answer the original question “Who am I”:  nobody in particular.

I don’t want to pay for your sex life

If your sex life is none of my business, stop demanding that I finance it

A lot of people have been offering their, um, feedback, to a couple of things I tweeted over the past week or so. And when I say “feedback” I mean that an angry mob numbering in the thousands descended upon my social media feeds and email inbox like rabid hyenas, eager to inform me that I’m awful, evil, ugly, fat, old, stupid, [expletive], [expletive], [expletive] [expletive] [expletive], etc., and because of this I should die, my wife should die, my children should die, everyone who has ever said a kind word to me should burn to death in a house fire, and my kids, who should already be dead, should also somehow become gay and transgender and pregnant so that karmic justice may be visited upon me, a bigot and a Nazi who is literally worse than a millions Hitlers combined.

Of the thousands of responses I received since Friday, easily 95 percent of them consisted of some combination of these. Because of my unspeakable tweets, I have been objectively described as an “anti-LGBTQ bigot” in the headlines of news articles. So far as I know, nobody who has written an article

matter-of-factly calling me a bigot took the time to reach out to me first, but I suppose if I’d followed the clearly outlined instructions of the leftist Tolerance Brigade, I should have killed myself by now anyway. I guess they assumed I wouldn’t be able to comment because I’d be too busy playing Backgammon with my friend Adolf in Hell.

I say all of this not to paint myself as a victim but to again drive home the point that the people who preach the loudest about “acceptance” and “tolerance” are often the least likely to demonstrate those qualities when the opportunity presents itself. I think this is an important point not because it exposes them as hypocrites — although it does that, for certain — but because it exposes “acceptance” and “tolerance” as faux virtues.

Nobody on Earth accepts and tolerates everything, nor should they. Things should only be accepted and tolerated if they are acceptable and tolerable. Liberals deny that any standard of acceptability and tolerability can be imposed, yet they have no problem ruthlessly imposing such standards themselves. So it isn’t that conservatives are less tolerant than liberals, it’s that we have different ideas about what is tolerable. Liberals clearly believe that my ideas and my very existence are intolerable, proving that they do not actually consider tolerance a universal principle. They’re right. It’s not.

With that established, I’d like to elaborate on the two horrible things I said on Twitter which caused such an absurd backlash.

First, provoking the ire of our nation’s feminists, I said this:

“If you actually cannot afford birth control then you are not nearly mature or responsible enough to be having sex in the first place.”

Second, unrelated and actually from a week before, in reference to the man who was just named spokesmodel for Maybelline but intended as a general comment about men who reject their masculine nature in order to appropriate femininity, I said this:

“Dads, this is why you need to be there to raise your sons.”

I already elaborated on that second point. I’ll have more to say about it later, but I’m going to start with the birth control topic. I should stipulate upfront and for the record that I issue no apology for either statement, neither am I interested in “explaining myself.” Myself is irrelevant. I’m not the topic here. I don’t really care if you think I’m a horrible person, but I do care about the issues at hand. If I’m given an opportunity to go further into depth about them, I will gladly take it.

So, birth control then. A few points:

1. If you aren’t prepared to deal with the natural consequences of sex, you should not be having sex.

I do wish I’d worded my birth control tweet differently, but not for the reason everyone thinks. My fear is that if you isolate that statement and don’t consider it within the larger context of the conversation about the supposed “right” to birth control (more on that in a moment), you might think I’m suggesting that birth control is a prerequisite to sexual activity. It may seem that I’m saying it’s inherently responsible to use birth control and only those who use it should have sex. The people who’ve been blowing up my inbox for the past 72 hours certainly did not interpret it that way — they were angry for quite a different reason — but I could see how someone might.

In truth, I believe that the responsible thing is to have sex only when you are open to the life it may create and in a position where that potential life will be afforded the stability and security it deserves. It is not easy to save sex for its proper context, which is marriage, and I’m not saying that everyone who fails in this regard is an evil scumbag, but it is nonetheless the right and proper way. The prerequisite for sex ought to be marriage. That’s not a statement of personal moral superiority — again, I’m not the topic, I don’t matter — but simply a statement of a moral and social reality.

One of the problems with birth control is that it separates and isolates the pleasure of the sexual act from its life giving potential. That has led to two giant misconceptions: 1) That it’s somehow a “mistake” when the natural consequences of the sexual act are fully realized. 2) That we all have the right to experience sex free from those natural consequences.

No such mistake exists. No such right exists. Sex, like anything else, has a nature and a purpose. We can attempt to manipulate its nature and suppress its purpose, but we cannot fundamentally change its nature and purpose. When we have sex, whether we are using contraception or not, we are doing something that by its very nature may create human life. Therefore, it stands to reason, we should only engage in it when we are prepared to fully embrace that nature. A person who acts shocked and appalled by the natural consequence of sex is like a person with a peanut allergy who acts shocked and appalled when he breaks into hives after consuming a PB&J. What did you think was going to happen? If you can’t handle peanut butter, don’t eat peanut butter. If you can’t handle a kid, don’t have sex. This is rather simple, I think. Not easy, no, but simple.

I realize the above analogy is flawed because nobody is actually allergic to kids (although all parents have moments when they strongly suspect otherwise). Maybe the better analogy would be to someone who eats peanut butter despite strongly disliking peanut butter, and then reacts with surprise and offense at the objectionable flavor he deliberately subjected his taste buds to. Or maybe there really isn’t any appropriate analogy to be drawn between sex and peanut butter. Well, you get my point anyway.

2. Stop whining about how “unaffordable” birth control is.

Now we get to the crux of my Hitler-esque tweet. We hear this constant moaning about how birth control is so very difficult to obtain and afford, and, the argument goes, this is why the government should provide it. I find it somewhat awkward to discuss this aspect of the birth control debate because I’m not actually interested in giving anyone advice on how to get birth control. As I’ve stated, I think you should just get married and have some kids and stop worrying about it. I have three of ’em myself. They’re not so bad, I promise.

But because this “unaffordable” myth is used to push government funding of contraception, I do think it needs to be addressed on its own merits. And that’s where I say you are clearly not mature enough or competent enough to have sex in the first place if you are the sort of person who wants contraception but cannot figure out how or where to get it. Condoms can be found everywhere and they’re dirt cheap. Generic birth control pills can run you 20 bucks a month or less. Then there are free birth control methods such as abstinence or Natural Family Planning. Can’t afford it? Sorry, I don’t buy it. And by “it” I mean your argument and your birth control.

Yes, there are more expensive methods. Maybe your insurance will cover those. Maybe it won’t. Either way, that’s not my concern as a taxpayer. Besides, saying “you can’t afford birth control” because you can’t afford the most expensive variety is like saying you can’t afford a TV because you can’t afford a 60 inch smart LED. You may not be able to afford the exact TV you want, but you can probably afford a lesser model. And if you really can’t afford any at all, you’ll live. People survive without TVs. People survive without birth control.

Yes, there are people who use the Pill for reasons separate from preventing birth. I’m not talking about those cases. We are discussing birth control. If you are on some program of hormonal treatment for, say, endometriosis, then you are taking medication for a physical disorder. If you’re taking birth control exclusively for a reason that does not include contraception, then you are not really taking birth control. You may be taking a substance that can also be used as birth control, but for you it is actual medicine for a legitimate medical issue. So when I speak of birth control I speak only of the cases where it’s used primarily or exclusively to prevent the birth of a child (which is about 86 percent of cases, according to a hard left advocacy group). If you are using such a method but not for such a purpose, then I would submit that you are not using birth control at all. Just as it wouldn’t be fair to compare you to a heroin junkie just because your doctor prescribed you OxyContin. Although, even here, I don’t think the government should pay for it. A lot of women have told me that they take birth control to regulate their periods. Well, frankly, that’s not my responsibility to finance either. But it’s a separate discussion.

Those cases aside, birth control — that is, contraception intended to contravene in the sexual act — is not necessarily expensive nor is it difficult to come by. I could find contraception at Walgreens for less than the cost of a Mountain Dew if I wanted to. I don’t want to, but I could. It strikes me that so many young, college educated women act as though they are utterly powerless to control whether a human is conceived in their womb unless the government subsidizes their contraception. If they are in fact so confused and incompetent, sex should be the last thing on their agenda. Perhaps they should learn to be functional adults before they hop in bed with anyone. Maybe consult a life coach or a financial planner? I don’t know. Please just talk to someone.

3. If your sex life is none of my business, stop asking me to finance it.

You’ll notice that the modern liberal spends all day shoving her sex life in your face, demanding that you accept it, celebrate it, fund it, but then when you refuse on any of those fronts, she immediately shrieks that you should “mind your business” and “stay out of her bedroom,” etc. Well, we would love nothing more than to mind our business, but you have made that impossible by defining “minding one’s business” as “the act of financing the sexual exploits of complete strangers.”

Liberals insist that contraception be provided to them dozens of different ways — through federal mandates, at schools, at free clinics, so on and so on — and if they fail to take advantage of these entitlements, abortion clinics must be maintained with tax money as an Option B. They want us to subsidize the drugs that make it possible for them to have frivolous sex, and subsidize the institutions that violently destroy the children that may still be conceived as a consequence of that frivolous sex. They want us intimately involved, it seems, every step of the way. The only thing they haven’t asked us to do is foot the bill for the lingerie and the motel room.

That was a crude and gross joke, they’ll tell me. Well this is a crude and gross situation. It’s crude and gross that they make their personal contraceptive methods into a matter of public concern even as they say it’s nobody’s concern but their own. Liberals are right now in a state of panic that the contraception mandate and Planned Parenthood funding may go away at once. If they weren’t shameless hypocrites, they’d be rejoicing. Freedom, finally! They want us out of the way, out of their bedrooms, their sex lives, their bodies, yet they’re sent into an apocalyptic panic at the thought that they just may get their wish. Might that indicate that it was never really their wish at all?

I would love nothing more than for their sex lives to truly be none of my business. But as long as you’re using my money, it will be my business how it’s spent. Don’t like it? Then get your hand out of my wallet and take charge of your own affairs. You’ll be better off, trust me. We all will.

The President still doesn’t know what he is saying


From: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/01/16/former-obama-staffer-the-president-has-been-misusing-this-mlk-quote/

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama has idolized Martin Luther King throughout his presidency. In fact, Obama has long lauded King’s well-known principle that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

The outgoing president likes the quote so much that he had it woven into a rug in the Oval Office in 2010. However, according to Michael Wear, who directed faith outreach for Obama’s 2012 re-election bid, the president has been taking the phrase out of context “to bless a whole range of political solutions.”

It is important to note, too, that King was not the first to share the quote about “the arc of the moral universe.” The phrase was actually coined by 19th-century abolitionist Theodore Parker. Obama faced criticism when he unveiled the West Wing rug for wrongly attributing the quote to King instead of Parker.

Wear told The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis that it is abundantly apparent that, when King delivered the line, he was not sharing a political revelation, but a spiritual one.

“It’s very clear that, apart from Jesus Christ, the idea of a moral arc of the universe was inconceivable to King,” Wear said. “It only made sense within the context of a declarative faith statement.”

And Wear made a pretty good case when he shared King’s quote in its entirety:

Evil may so shape events that Caesar will occupy a palace and Christ a cross, but that same Christ will rise up and split history into A.D. and B.C., so that even the life of Caesar must be dated by his name. Yes, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

In its reclaimed state, as a political precept rather than a spiritual one, many on both sides of the aisle have taken issue with the quote, according to Lewis:

The idea is not universally beloved. Some liberal activists fear it might be interpreted by some as a suggestion that hard work is pointless (since history is on their side), and conservatives have at least two problems with it. First, conservatives point out that bad ideas (Nazism, for example) are not predestined to lose, but rather, must be beaten back through violent force. Second, conservatives object to the notion that (in President Obama’s world, at least) their policies are sometimes cast as being “on the wrong side of history.”

“Politicians can do a lot to sort of give us a lot of things to hope for,” Wear said, adding, “It has now lost its meaning. It’s politicized and people apply it [as if to say], ‘We passed tax reform and now it’s about the moral arc of the universe.’”

However, though Wear takes issue with Obama’s usage of the famous King quote, he is still a big fan of the commander-in-chief. During his conversation with Lewis, Wear pushed back against those who accuse Obama of not being devoutly Christian.

“I’ve prayed with the man,” he said. “I’ve been with him when he’s talked about his Christian faith in public and private settings. It has been disheartening for me to see folks that have no personal experience with him discount his profession of faith based on criteria that they would never hold people in their own congregations to.”

Wear went on to say that Obama’s detractors would be “surprised” by how much the president has talked about “the saving grace of Jesus and what Jesus accomplished on the cross” in speeches he’s delivered to Christian leaders over the years.

Weaker in review 12-11-2016


Random Oddservations

Have you ever wondered why the McRib is only available from about October until Christmas?  We all know it is made from ‘pressed pork’, so why is it available only during this time of year.  Aren’t hogs sold all year long?  Well, about October, they start slaughtering hags to make all the wonderful spiral has for Thanksgiving.    Bacon becomes cheaper, the little packages in plastic containers for smoked ham become cheaper and all the left over stuff that gets dropped on the floor, gets swept up sterilized ground together and placed into the McRib presses and sent out for you to enjoy.


And we have Ms Hilarious Rodham Diane Clinton talking about the wave of “fake news”.  Who would know better than the purveyor of the fake news on Benghazi.  Obama wants a ‘secret’ investigation of “what role Russia played in our Presidential election.”   No agency has reported hacking, no state has reported electronic voting machines hacked, nobody but the Democrats believe this fake news, which really became intensified when it was apparent that Hilarious was losing her lead.  Look at recent headlines f the New York Times- the y are producing ‘fake news’ on almost a daily basis.

Weaker in Review

  • The entire point of Huckleberry Finn is that racism is evil and wrong, even if the majority of a society believes it to be decent. The point of To Kill A Mockingbird is that racism can infuse the criminal justice system when a society decides that skin color matters more than content of character. Why are books being banned?  Because they’re offensive. But that’s the point: books that are offensive are often the most important books to read, debate, and discuss. An intellectual climate that focuses more on protecting feelings and viewpoints than on analyzing and discussing ideas isn’t intellectual at all.  It’s just a bubble.  http://www.dailywire.com/news/11275/leftists-virginia-ban-kill-mockingbird-huck-finn-ben-shapiro
  • Anti-Trump extremists displayed the left’s epic intolerance by destroying a Navy veteran and Donald Trump supporter’s home in Plant City, Florida. The home was gutted, set aflame and vandalized with anti-Trump and anti-white graffiti. http://www.dailywire.com/news/11206/tolerance-alert-navy-vets-home-touched-vandalized-amanda-prestigiacomo

Didya know


Rock-It™  Thunderclap Newman, Norman Greenbaum and other one hit wonders.

The Correct Side of the Story




Weaker in Review 11-20-2016


Random Oddservations


  • The left wing idiots (whoops) radicals in the universities on the West Coast. Now for all of those shouting “Trump is NOT my President” that is true only if they are illegal- then by definition they are not a United States Citizen- everybody else is whether they like it or not.  That is an objective truth.  They want to mount a Calexit movement to leave the Union.  I guess they no longer teach American history in schools over there.  We had a civil war that determined once and for all that you cannot succeed from the Union.  However, if we take the opposite track, we can see if the other 49 states (50 if you are a follower of Obamaism’s)  want to kick it out before the big trembler strikes.
  • Do not call me sexist, or anti-feminism or anything else. I am just wonder, with $150 hair coloring salons, I just wonder how many natural-blondes are there.

Weaker in Review

  • After their millions of dollars failed to elect Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton last week, billionaire George Soros and his fellow wealthy liberals have gathered in Washington, D.C., to determine how to spend their money to block President-elect Donald Trump throughout his term in the White House. Read how they expect to stop EVERYTHING the conservatives want to do:  http://www.theblaze.com/news/2016/11/14/george-soros-meets-with-democratic-donors-to-plot-plan-to-take-back-power-from-trump/
  • george-soros
  • This columnist spent most of last night researching the law to learn if George Soros could be charged with Sedition and Treason for the damage he is causing the U.S. The goal was to discover if someone living in another country meddles into the affairs, security and destabilization of another country, specifically, The United States, could they face criminal charges based on that law? Hw is not a U.S. citizen, but there is a provision in the law : http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/miles/161114
  • The modern American media may have just had their worst year yet, and for their efforts, they have announced they’d like to reward themselves more power than they have held in decades. After Donald Trump won the election, “renegade Facebook employees” reportedly formed a “task force” to crack down on the “fake news” they blame for Clinton’s sizable electoral defeat, aiming to purge social media of what someone, somewhere deems inaccurate.  You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of the programs you use: http://dailysignal.com/2016/11/17/after-royally-screwing-up-the-election-the-media-want-control-over-your-facebook-news

Didya know: Didn’t have time to write what I wanted. Next week though..

Rock-It™   Todd Rundgren

The Correct Side of the Story

Here’s our problem. For almost a century, American education has had problems and failure galore as it pursued John Dewey’s demand for social engineering, constructivist practices, and a left-wing warping of what education should be. In all that time, no criticism was accepted as legitimate. Progressive education was a holy cause, because socialism was a holy cause. Critics were infidels.   http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/bprice/161114

Weaker in Review 11-6-2006



Random Oddservations

1)      Headline: Safety violations found after deadly China coal mine blast kills 33.  You think! Maybe if there were no safety violations, the miners would still be alive?

2)      So much to say and so little time- so I’ll keep my thoughts about the campaign to myself.

GET OUT AND VOTE-  I did on Thursday.

Weaker in Review

  • A mother who is part of a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s transgender restroom mandate for schools says she is encouraged by the Supreme Court’s decision to review a similar case. That case, arising from a Virginia school system, could set a national precedent in the debate over transgender individuals using public facilities according to what they say is their gender identity. It may determine the fate of more than a dozen lawsuits involving the same issue across the country.  http://dailysignal.com/2016/11/01/transgender-bathroom-cases-the-supreme-court-wont-hear-and-why-they-matter
  • Dates that destroyed America. I don’t particularly believe all that he says, but all those dates are something to think about- even if all you can think of is “This guy is crazy.” http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/baldwin/161028
  • The email track record for Hilarious Clinton indicates a reason for concern: Of the messages Mrs. Clinton turned over to the State Department, nearly 5,000 were sent to, or received from, Ms. Abedin. More than 180 of those contain information now determined to be “confidential,” and one message is deemed to contain “secret” information. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/nov/1/huma-abedin-often-handled-classified-data-on-compu/
  • In the past three election cycles, Planned Parenthood’s advocacy and political arms, employees, and their families have spent over $38 million to elect or defeat candidates for federal office who decide how much taxpayers subsidize the nation’s largest abortion provider. From the 2012 election cycle through the 2016 cycle so far, the political action entities, employees, and families of employees of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates devoted $33.9 million to outside spending mostly related to electing Democrats.. http://dailysignal.com/2016/11/03/planned-parenthood-arms-spend-over-38-million-to-elect-democrats

Didya know: Starting a new feature to show how the business of secular science is getting further and further away from the truth.

These two misconceptions are related believe it or not.  To find out how take a gander at:

Describing ilLiberals by the D’s: Stopped.  Wasn’t as popular as I thought.

Rock-It™    Todd  Rundgren    A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and record producer. Hailed in the early stages of his career for both his own material and for his production of other artists, supported by the certified gold solo double LP Something/Anything? in 1972, his career has produced a diverse and eclectic range of recordings often both as a solo artist and as a member of the band Utopia.  Rundgren has often been at the forefront as a promoter of cutting edge recording technologies.

The Correct Side of the Story

  • With every election cycle comes cries from Democratic politicians about voter ID laws suppressing the black vote. But Fox News’ Ami Horowitz recently spoke with African Americans in Harlem who called that assertion nothing short of “very, very ignorant” and even “racist.” http://www.theblaze.com/news/2016/11/03/filmmaker-asks-white-liberals-how-voter-id-laws-are-racist-and-its-an-utter-failure/
  • Fifty-five years of “Great Society” later our economy is in a shambles. We have the highest taxes in the free world, record welfare spending, an economy treading water, and twenty-trillion dollars of national debt. The war on poverty resulted in poverty rates higher than they were in 1959. The $22-trillion spent is greater than the national debt. The War on Poverty won nothing, but bought exploding divorce rates, illegitimacy rates, and a lot of human suffering. http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/usher/161104

Weaker in review-9-18-2016

Random Oddservations™  A Verizon advertisement:  Get 20 GB of limitless data.  Huh?

Unfortunately, a house burned completely down killing 11 people.  The announcement said that a damaged smoke detector was found inside.  No kidding?

CenturyLink is advertising the first three months of their 100 Mb data for half price of $25.  In small print it then says regular price $55 a month.  Let’s see I think $27.50 is half price unless Common Core teaches math differently.

Weaker in Review

  • On the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America. After nearly eight years as president, he has delivered on one front by reshaping the federal judiciary. That revolution has been comprehensive, dramatic, and under the radar.  When Obama entered the Oval Office, liberal judges controlled just one of the 13 circuits of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Fifty-five successful presidential nominations later, liberal majorities now control nine of those appeals benches, or 70 percent.  “The Supreme Court grabs the spotlight, but it hears fewer than 100 cases a year,” Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett said, “while the 13 federal courts of appeals handle about 35,000.” http://dailysignal.com/2016/09/04/how-liberal-judges-took-control-of-70-percent-of-us-appeals-courts It is only a matter of time before they completely take over the Supreme Court with or without a Democratic in charge as the next president
  • Less than two months after Congress passed a package aimed to provide financial relief for Puerto Rico, the Obama administration is already at it again—this time seeking an outright taxpayer bailout for the U.S. territory through additional Medicaid funds and access to the earned income tax credit. But Puerto Rico is not a state and its residents are not subject to federal income taxes. So why should U.S. citizens who do pay federal income taxes have to fork over an extra $36.2 billion over the next 10 years to provide benefits to people who do not pay those taxes? http://dailysignal.com/2016/09/02/back-again-this-time-obama-administration-wants-a-taxpayer-bailout-for-puerto-rico
  • Barring exceptional circumstances Congress should not consider major legislation or presidential nominations during lame-duck sessions. Doing so undermines representative government by weakening the accountability link between the American people and their elected representatives. In recent years, Members of Congress have planned on taking up controversial issues during lame-duck sessions in order to avoid explaining their votes to the electorate. Congress now increasingly relies on lame-duck sessions to conduct its regular work. This practice undermines the ability of the American people to hold their representatives accountable because it allows Members to deliberately postpone unpopular decisions until after their constituents cast their votes. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2016/09/the-implications-of-regular-lame-duck-sessions-in-congress-for-representative-government

Describing ilLiberals by the D’s: We have discussed DECEIVE, DECEIT, DISTORT DESTROY, DIVERSION, DELUSION, DESPICABLE, DEVIANT, DEVOID, DEMOLISH and DEPLORABLE.  So let us go with DUPLICITY a noun.  Dishonest behavior that is meant to trick someone

Is there any duplicity in the Iranian nuclear deal?  Is America being “tricked”?  Or is the Obama regime being dishonest with the American people when explaining the arrangements?  Will it take longer for Iran to build a bomb? We have given the rest of the world notice that in at last 10 years Iran can build a bomb?  True or false the facts are these: Iran will have $170 billion dollars freed up to use given to them in untraceable cash of various countries currencies.

Their GNP is just$ 300 billion. This is a huge influx of funds.  It would be equivalent to America receiving $8 trillion dollars and putting that money into our economy.  $ 170 billion dollars can “buy” a few nukes, don’t you think?  And if Iran purchases in volumes of 10, perhaps get a discount?  Now Iran will have the ability to sell oil on the open market to access more money and trade. And 24 days notice before inspectors can investigate their nuclear facilities. And letting the Iranians “self inspect” their own facility they have been completely trustworthy before and since the treaty right.    And those inspectors can’t be Americans.   Come on people, how duplicitous is the Obama regime in disguising this deal as being totally flawed

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The Correct Side of the Story