Illegals Raped on Trip to US

80% of C. American Illegals Raped on Trip to US, Still Dems Encourage Them to Come

President Donald Trump is once again being attacked by liberals for voicing concerns about mass illegal migration … but bizarrely, one of the left’s favorite media sources actually backs up his claims.

On Thursday, the president pointed out that the stream of Central American immigrants currently headed through Mexico toward Texas is the site of many sexual crimes.

“(T)his journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before,” Trump stated during remarks in West Virginia. “They don’t want to mention that,” he said, suggesting that liberals are glossing over the harm caused by Hispanic immigration.

Predictably, the left had a fit of the vapors over that remark.

“Rape isn’t a word you throw around, not without facts to back it up,” rebuked one left-leaning media outlet with over a million Facebook followers. “It happened yesterday in WV when Donald Trump claimed women were being raped in the caravan coming from Central America to the U.S.”

“So disgusting and upsetting that Trump is ok with making these things up and fear mongering,” wrote another Twitter user named Devon Cone, a human rights advocate, exemplifying the left’s hand-wringing over the claim.

Was it fear mongering? It turns out that one of the most prominent left-leaning news outlets — The Huffington Post — reported the exact same thing as Trump several years ago.

HuffPo’s dramatic headline says it all: “80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S.”

“As the number of Central American women and girls crossing into the U.S. continues to spike, so is the staggering amount of sexual violence waged against these migrants,” the 2014 article reported.

“According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report,” the well-known news outlet continued.

Read that again: Those are statistics from Amnesty International, a liberal humanitarian group, showing that not only are women raped in shocking numbers during these immigration treks, the problem seems to be getting worse.

Let that sink in. Liberals are more outraged that Trump accurately pointed out a problem than the fact that women and girls are being sexually assaulted in Mexico as part of illegal immigration.

“How dare he tie immigration to rape,” commentator Tucker Carlson satirized the liberal response to Trump’s words on Thursday. “That’s slander! Obviously, it’s racist. He’s not allowed to say that.”

Tucker then shifted tone, and pointed out that — as we’ve just seen — the facts are actually on Trump’s side.

“Immigration affects public safety, and anybody who denies that is ignorant or dishonest. And a lot of people do deny it,” he explained.

“Confront them with reality, and they call you names,” Tucker continued. “Facts are a threat to their fantasies.”

Here’s another point that nobody seems to be talking about: Despite that fact that sexual assault and rape along illegal immigration routes are off the charts, Democrats openly encourage Central American citizens to attempt the journey.

It’s not too far of a stretch to consider that the dangers of assault may not be so well known to women and girls in Guatemala or Honduras. They might not know what they’re getting into.

Yet liberal policies in places like California act as magnets, urging those same girls to attempt a treacherous journey through Central America and Mexico, during which it’s statistically likely that they’ll be raped.

The left must know this happens — after all, they read the Huffington Post and trust Amnesty International. Are they purposely trying to cover up the dangers involved in mass immigration, or do they simply not care?

It’s time to have a frank discussion on illegal immigration, using facts instead of emotions. Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t make it untrue.

Even Democrats who want more immigration must acknowledge that there are serious problems happening, and liberals should think twice before blindly encouraging more people to enter the dangerous and unsustainable migrant stream.



Judge Worked 1 Day out of 214, Cries Racism When Questioned

Judge Worked 1 Day out of 214, Cries Racism When Questioned

By Scott Kelnhofer
April 4, 2018 at 11:46am

f you work in the private sector, showing up for work once over a seven-month period would earn you a pink slip.

If you’re a judge in New York state, it earns you … a raise!

According to WHAM-TV in Rochester, City Court Judge Leticia Astacio showed up for work on Feb. 27. That was significant since she had not showed up for work since Aug. 31.

Since that one grueling day of work in February, however, Astacio has not returned to work.

Despite her rather lax attitude toward her job, the judge recently received a pay raise of roughly $11,000. She now pockets $187,200 annually.

You see, Astacio claims she has a medical excuse for her absence from work and has provided her boss, Chief Administrative Judge Craig Doran, with a doctor’s note outlining her condition.

Doran wrote a letter to Astacio Feb. 26 — the day before her cameo appearance at work — ordering her to return to the bench.

“Our administrative view is that she continues to be under an obligation to appear for her assigned work duty,” Doran told Newsweek on Wednesday. But he also said he did not have the authority terminate Astacio or investigate claims against her.

Astacio hasn’t revealed her medical excuse, but it may be related to the fact she was convicted of DWI in 2016 and then found guilty of violating her probation — twice.

She continued to be paid a six-figure salary while in jail on the DWI arrest, an incident which earned her the nickname “Drunk Judge” by some in Rochester.

As for her raise, Astacio said all judges in the state received a pay bump, and any news stories focusing on why she received one are because of “racist news stations.”

“Why is my name in the headlines?” Astacio asked with a straight face via Facebook. “Because your racist news stations … you’re mad because I’m a young minority getting paid.”


WAPO lies about gun violence stats

Washington Post makes wild claim about gun violence — but the facts destroy their narrative

The Washington Post printed a bold claim on its front page Saturday, the same day where hundreds of thousands of people descended on Washington to protest gun violence at the “March for Our Lives” gun control rally.

But the claim doesn’t stand up to facts.

What did the Post claim?

Printed on the center of the front page was the number “187,000.” That is the number of children who have been “exposed to gun violence at school since Columbine in 1999,” the Post claimed.

The Post reported: “Beginning with Columbine in 1999, more than 187,000 students attending at least 193 primary or secondary schools have experienced a shooting on campus during school hours, according to a year-long Washington Post analysis.”

The Post is pushing the narrative that gun violence is a growing epidemic on school campuses nationwide. And because of that, hundreds of thousands of school children’s lives will forever be changed.

Unfortunately for the Post, concrete facts show the exact opposite.

What do the facts show?

A study recently conducted by James Alan Fox, a professor of criminology at Northeastern University in Boston, found that school children are much more safe today than they were in the 1990s. His study found there have been only eight “mass shootings” on schools since 1996 if you define a “mass shooting” as a massacre with more than four deaths, not including the gunman.

“Four times the number of children were killed in schools in the early 1990s than today,” Fox said.

In the study, Fox noted that children today are much more likely to die from bicycle accidents or accidental pool drownings than in a mass shooting at school.

Ironically, the Post ran a perspective story on March 8 debunking its own claims:

The Education Department reports that roughly 50 million children attend public schools for roughly 180 days per year. Since Columbine, approximately 200 public school students have been shot to death while school was in session, including the recent slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. (and a shooting in Birmingham, Ala., on Wednesday that police called accidental that left one student dead). That means the statistical likelihood of any given public school student being killed by a gun, in school, on any given day since 1999 was roughly 1 in 614,000,000. And since the 1990s, shootings at schools have been getting less common.

The chance of a child being shot and killed in a public school is extraordinarily low. Not zero — no risk is. But it’s far lower than many people assume, especially in the glare of heart-wrenching news coverage after an event like Parkland. And it’s far lower than almost any other mortality risk a kid faces, including traveling to and from school, catching a potentially deadly disease while in school or suffering a life-threatening injury playing interscholastic sports.

As Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute wrote on Twitter, either “the @washingtonpost is stoking hysteria to sell newspapers and/or using its front page to advance its political agenda.”


DOJ Forced Deletion From Gun Background Check

Obama’s DOJ Forced Deletion Of 500,000 Fugitives From Gun Background Check System

ByRyan Saavedra    March 15, 2018

On Wednesday, acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testified during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that former President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice forced the FBI to delete over 500,000 fugitives, who had outstanding arrest warrants, from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

“It’s my understanding that under federal law fugitives cannot legally purchase or possess guns,” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) began. “We’ve heard from local law enforcement that the Justice Department has issued a memo that forced the FBI NICS background check database to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants because it was uncertain whether those fugitives had fled across state lines.”

“Mr. Bowdich, can you describe why this determination was made by the Justice Department?” Feinstein asked.

“That was a decision that was made under the previous administration,” Bowdich replied. “It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines.”


College student schooled not to use facts on prof

College student schooled not to use facts on prof

Punished for pointing out that biologists recognize 2 sexes

A university student who was expelled from a theology class for nearly three weeks for reciting biological facts to the professor has been reinstated, just as another university was offering the opportunity to finish his studies there.

Lake Ingle was ordered by professor Alison Downie at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to leave the class after he pointed out that biologists recognize there are two sexes.

The university was going through a formal review of the actions by both the student and the professor when the school’s president, Michael Driscoll, abruptly stepped in and said Ingle would be allowed back to class.

The Washington Update by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council pointed out that another school was ready to step in.

“Our good friend, Oklahoma Wesleyan President Dr. Everett Piper, wants to invite Lake to a campus where his views won’t be punished,” Perkins wrote.

Piper said: “I’m officially offering Lake Ingle tuition waiver to take our version of ‘Christianity 481’ and other remaining coursework at @OKWUniv where we still teach biology and Christian orthodoxy.”

The offer apparently isn’t necessary, since IUP backed down. But Driscoll said he would see how things develop and may want to start the formal review process again.

The Update commented that “basic biology is something people should know before they get to college.”

“Unfortunately for Lake Ingle, that wasn’t the case. When he tried to explain what should be common knowledge about men and women, he got a lesson in political correctness instead!” the publication said.

“The class was Christian Theology. But Lake’s professor at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania seemed to know less about theology than basic science, if that’s possible. During a lecture called, ‘Christianity 481: Self, Sin, and Salvation,’ Ingle took issue with the video Alison Downie showed her class of a pastor who identifies as transgender. After it was finished, Downie asked the female students if they had any thoughts on the ‘reality’ of ‘mansplaining,’ ‘sexism from men,’ and ‘male privilege.’ When no one spoke up, Lake did. He explained that biologists agreed there are only two genders — infuriating the professor, who accused him of ‘disrespectful objection,’ kicked him out of the class, and told him not to come back.”

Provost Timothy Moerland then sent a note to Ingle informing him, “You are barred from attending this class in accordance with the Classroom Disruption policy.”

The student was astonished, arguing his professor was “violating my First Amendment rights because of the fact that my views and ideology is different from hers.”

“So she took it on herself to silence and embarrass me – bully me – for speaking up in class.”

Ingle said he thinks he was punished because his views contradicted the professor’s.

Lifezette confirmed earlier this week Ingle was allowed back in class, through an email from Driscoll, who said he was pausing the proceedings of the academic integrity board.

Driscoll also complained in his email that Ingle “chose to take his version of events to the media.”

Ingle told Lifezette: “Coincidentally enough, the day I was told I could go back to class was the day I was supposed to get that ruling. It seemed like they were going to rule in my favor.”

Fox News reported Driscoll called a news conference to announce Ingle’s reinstatement.

The professor, Downie, did not respond to Fox’s request for comment.

But Ingle discussed the case, prior to the decision, in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:

Weaker In Review 2-12-2018

Weaker in Review 2/12/18

Random Oddservations™  Today is Darwin Day.  At the dawn of the last century, leading scientists and politicians giddily predicted that modern science— especially Darwinian biology— would supply solutions to all the intractable problems of American society, from crime to poverty to sexual maladjustment.  To our detriment, many continue to believe that “science” is man’s salvation.  Darwinism, the religion of evolution, has so inculcated itself into the scientific/educational community that it is currently hindering the free flow of scientific information.

Weaker in Review

Books and websites you need to avoid:   www.   An incredible web site from an evolutionist who finally got to thinking that something was wrong with the entire Darwinian concept and did some free form thinking.

The Correct Side of the Story

Weaker In Review 11-28-2017


Random Oddservations™    Sorry it is rather log today, but it has been several weeks since I have posted.  Some medical problems and new medications to try and get rid of because of side effects and just wanting to enjoy life and play with the dogs and be with my wife in the backyard.

  • NFL – I am going to watch my Eagles play anytime they are on. The anthem protestors and their believers state that they are being misunderstood.  Anybody in advertising will tell you if you cannot change your message then change your method.   Stand for the National Anthem and insist that the NFL owners give up part of their exorbitant profits and your excessive salaries to fund police/community outreach centers in your favorite cities- hopefully the ones who are suffering from what they believe are injustices.
  • Sexual Harassment Has been around since David coerced Bathsheba to have sex with him and probably before.  Dems and progressives do it to further the cause of feminism,  Repubs do it to repress equal rights, but nobody knows anything about the slush fund set up (at TAXPAYERS expense) to pay off allegations of harassment- But the people who have used it- know about it- so who told them?
  • Military grade aluminum trucks. Really?  Do you know of any HumVee’s made of aluminum, any tanks made of it, or any aircraft carrier decks made from it.  What is military grade aluminum anyway?  It appears to be just an advertising ploy (which is normal-does any ad speak the truth).  There is probably a detailed MIL-STD for the aluminum used for cafeteria trays.  You could make a truck out of that, and it would be “military grade” enough for advertising’s sake, but not necessarily a good truck.
  • Uber- just admitted that it had been hacked and the data on 15 million users stolen. They state that they did not report it because they paid $100 thousand dollars to the hackers who promised to destroy the data.  Yeah right, I believe that don’t you.
  • Illegal immigration and amnesty still lingers in the background. The political left say we will get enforcement right after amnesty.  That is obviously absurd.  When the tub is overflowing, water pouring out of the faucet, across the carpets, down the stairs, up the dining room walls, we do not debate whether we are going to dry clean the curtains or throw them out.  We do not argue about whether to use a mop or towels.  FIRST: Turn off the darn water.
  • EBates and the likes. Buy through them and you get money back.  Of course you do.  But how can a company that encourages you to shop make money itself- especially to pay for all that commercial time. Check it out yourself, use two laptops.  Log in to EBates, provide your information then go to shop at say Wal-Mart.  On the other computer just login to Wal-Mart.  Search on both machines for a high-end product such as a TV.  Notice the difference in price.  That is what EBates uses to pay you your cash back and to cover their expenses and pay for advertising and make the owners big bucks.
  • Do you know what is wrong with the opening credits for the new “Sheldon” show? It shows the young Sheldon in his boots with images of the desert West Texas in the background.  Sheldon is supposed to have grown up in East Texas, which is all green and covered with forests.
  • Narcan – a new drug that used as a nasal spray can help in an opiate overdose. Great, now the idiots will continue to OD knowing that there is something that can save their lives – at taxpayers expense.

Weaker in Review


Books and websites you need to avoid:  and   is an ebook that only costs $3.74  Written by an L. A. County homicide detective and former atheist, Cold-Case Christianity examines the claims of the New Testament using the skills and strategies of a hard-to-convince criminal investigator.


The Correct Side of the Story